Helen Woodward Animal Center Community Calendar

San Diego Events and Fundraisers That Help Pets Find Homes


March 1 – 31: Spring Tails (Scout, Classroom, Playgroup Trips)


Spring Tails is the perfect program for a class field trip, Scout outing, or play group activity! Hop on over for a 90-minute adventure that includes HANDS-ON animal interactions, a spring themed craft, and lessons about life cycles, baby animals and other egg-citing changes that occur during spring. Learn more about the program themes or register your group today!

This field trip opportunity is perfect for toddlers through 6th Graders.


April 3 through 21: Spring Break Critter Camp

Spring Critter Camp 2017

Spend Spring Break with furry, feathered and scaled friends at Spring Critter Camp! Your junior animal-lover (from Pre-K to 6th Grade) will get the chance to play games, create crafts, interact with animals, and more. Each day has a unique theme and various species; choose one day or come to all five. Register now!

April 29: Pet Day on the Bay

Pet Day on the Bay Header

Pet Day on The Bay is the only pet-friendly event of its kind in Southern California! Pet Day on the Bay is a towel and blanket drive and fundraiser benefiting the homeless animals of the Helen Woodward Animal Center. Plus, you can cruise San Diego Bay with your furry first mate. Dogs cruise free!

  • 1-hour narrated cruise,
  • A pet “rest area,”
  • Comfortable indoor and outdoor areas,
  • Snack bar with adult beverages, soft drinks and hot and cold snacks,
  • A portion of proceeds benefits the Helen Woodward Animal Center,
  • Special guests: Jagger & Kristi from Magic 92.5!

April 30: You Can Be a Veterinarian Camp (Surgery Edition!)

Veterinarian Career Camp For Kids

You Can Be a Veterinarian Camp offers a rare opportunity for kid and teen aspiring veterinarians to practice veterinary skills, interact with animals and gain experience with equipment they may use in the future! On April 30, we will be holding the Surgery specialty of You Can Be a Veterinarian Camp.

  • Exotics Physiology Lab: Campers will perform a dissection on a paper frog. Also offered is a close encounter with one of our frogs and discover why amphibians are so unique.
  • Equine Care & Management 101: Learn about the different aspects of equine care and the roles of the veterinarians, technicians and assistants while visiting the Equine Hospital.
  • Veterinary Surgical Nursing 100: Meet and analyze a snake while learning about a life-saving surgery that our Chief of Staff Dr. Patricia Carter performed on one of our scaly friends. Campers will practice surgical suturing of incisions on a life-like model.
  • Basics of Canine CPR & Intro to Anatomy: Practice fundamental CPR techniques on a canine training model and view a respiratory demonstration. Campers will also useanatomy knowledge into a craft-creation that is theirs to keep.
  • Lagomorph Parasitology 100: Interact with a rabbit and learn about the parasitic organisms that can affect these small mammals and others. View and analyze slides of parasites under a microscope and discuss different treatment options.

You can also sign up for the Internal Medicine course of You Can Be a Veterinarian Camp on May 6!

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