Frog on Lily Pad How To Craft for Kids

There is more than meets the eye when we see beautiful lily pads on top of ponds and lakes. While the lily pad appears as if it’s simply floating across the water, it’s actually attached to a very long stem that connects the leaf to plant roots many feet below! A lily pad is a perfect resting place for a frog. Whether a frog is sleeping or sitting still waiting for its prey, a frog can sit motionless for hours on end. A lily pad’s long stem and upturned edges allow it to be strong enough to support the weight of the frog and provides a perfect floating perch! Here’s how you can create your own adorable amphibian.

Frog on Lily Pad Materials Needed

  • Paper plate
  • Purple paper
  • Green paper
  • Red paper
  • White paper
  • Black paper
  • Black marker
  • Yellow tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Frog on Lily Pad Directions

1. Cut out a sliver of your plate – like a small piece of pie – and paint your plate green.

Step 1

2. Make your lilies. Start by cutting out 4 lilies. Glue the 4 flowers together, alternating the petals so that the gaps are filled. Bend the petals on each flower except for the bottom one to give it more of a 3D look.

Step 2

3. Cut out small squares from yellow tissue paper. (The ones shown here are about 1 square inch.) Fold/crease the square around the top of a pencil.

Step 3

4. Glue the tissue paper to the center of the lily.

Step 4

5. Trace your handprint on green paper. Cut out your handprint.

Step 5

6. Make your frog eyes by cutting large circles from white paper and smaller circles from black paper. Glue the black circle onto the white circle, and glue the white circles onto the top of the frog (the base of your handprint.) Draw a nice big smile on your frog!

Step 6

7. Cut out a small rectangle of red paper. Wrap the paper around a pencil to curl it. Glue this onto the middle of the mouth. This is the frog’s tongue!

Step 7

8. Take the same green paper as the frog and make a loop. Glue it onto the lily pad. Glue your handprint frog to the roll on the paper plate so it stands up. Glue the lily onto the lily pad.

A lily pad is strong enough to support the weight of a frog, yet delicate enough to float on water. Next time you go to a pond or lake, see if you can spot any lily pads. (Bonus points if you see a frog enjoying this unique plant!)

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