Dream Catcher Craft for Kids

Hibernation is a way for many types of animals – from butterflies to bears – to survive cold, dark winters without having to forage for food or migrate to warmer climates. During hibernation, an animal does more than just sleep; during this process, their metabolism slows, their body temperature plunges, and even their heart rate and respiratory rate decreases! Their deep sleep ends once the days get longer and the temperature increases.

Although humans don’t technically hibernate, we can all appreciate a night of deep sleep full of sweet dreams! Dream catchers are believed to catch bad dreams due to their web-like shape and allow good dreams to descend onto the sleeper below through their tassels and feather details.

Dream Catcher Craft Materials Needed

  • 9 colored beads
  • Mason jar metal screw band (for lids)
  • 3 colored feathers,
  • Colored yarn (approx. 25 ft.)

Dream Catcher Craft Directions

1. Begin by wrapping colored yarn around the metal band. Make sure to secure one end of the yarn onto the screw band to ensure the yarn doesn’t slip off.

2. Continue to wrap the yarn around the entire metal band until it is completely covered. Use excess yarn to tie a loop at the top to allow it to be hung.

3. Using the same, or a different color yarn, begin wrapping the yarn around the metal band in all different directions, crossing the mid-section of the metal band. Secure the end of the yarn to the metal band once you have your desired look.

4. Next, attach three individual pieces of yarn (of desired length) to one side of the dream catcher.

5. Add three beads to each piece of yarn and secure the end with a feather.

Display your dream catcher above the bed and use it as a tool to teach your little one about hibernation and brainstorm what they think animals might be dreaming about!

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