Recycled Art Projects for Kids

How to Make Recycled Art

Recycled Art Projects are Fun and Easy for Kids

recycled art for kids - sea turtle project

The United States has the highest amount of waste generated per person of any country at an average of 4.6 pounds per day. Only around 1/10 of solid garbage in the United States is recycled each year!

While these facts are dire, you and your family can be part of the solution and make fun animal-themed recycled art that helps you recycle old magazines or calendars! This recycled art craft creates beautiful pieces of art you can proudly give as gifts or decorations for your room.

Want your kids to be compassionate to our planet and animals? Try Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Critter Camp!

Recycled Art Materials

  • empty cereal box or card stock
  • magazines, calendars or other brightly colored paper to be recycled
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • chop stick or pencil/pen

Recycled Art Project Instructions

  1. Start by cutting out a square of the empty cereal box or card stock. Carefully trace the shape of the animal you want to create. You can go online and look for images in black and white (sometimes called line drawing) print out a copy in the size of your cereal box square. Paste animal copy onto square. (We chose a sea turtle for our project!)
  2. Cut out pieces of magazine paper, at least as tall as the chosen animal template, and about 4 inches wide. Be sure not to make them too wide or it will be difficult to cut at the end. Roll the pieces of paper around a chop stick or pencil.
  3. Tape the long rolled end of the paper to secure it to itself.
  4. Hot glue the rolled paper onto the cut out template, making sure to completely cover the template in rolled paper.
  5. After the glue has dried and cooled, flip the paper over to reveal the original shape, and cut off the excess rolled paper hanging past the edges of the cut out template.
  6. Now you are ready to display your art and be proud you helped keep our planet cleaner and healthier!

We hope you enjoy this recycled artwork project for kids! If you are in the San Diego area, and want your kids to learn how to recycle and be compassionate to our planet and animals in it, try Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Critter Camp!

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