Get Ready for Yeti

Get Ready for Yeti

Our 2018 Remember Me Thursday Rescue Pet Hero

Yeti Rescue Hero Blog Lead Image

The 6th annual Remember Me Thursday takes place on Thursday, September 27, 2018. Animal lovers around the globe will light candles – and light up social media – to bring attention to the millions of pets waiting for forever homes and remember those pets who never got a second chance.

VIDEO: What is Remember Me Thursday?

All those pets’ whose lives were cut short had the potential to do amazing things. In their honor, Helen Woodward Animal Center created the Remember Me Thursday Rescue Pet Hero award. We are thrilled to introduce you to the very first recipient: Yeti!

Yeti and Baby

Yeti and his baby sister

Third Time’s The Charm

Yeti Shelter PhotoYeti’s life hasn’t been easy. The big white dog ended up in the Verde Valley Humane Society shelter in Cottonwood, Arizona three times. The first time, Yeti was relinquished by his owner, but the owner came back for him the same day.

Seven months later, a different person dropped off Yeti – who now had a severely broken leg. In another situation, Yeti could have been classified as medically unadoptable and put to sleep. However, the folks at VVHS wouldn’t give up on this sweet guy. They funded his surgery and set him up in a foster home for several months while he recovered.

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Yeti’s leg healed, and he was soon adopted! However, as sometimes happens, the adopter was no longer able to care for Yeti. Two months later, Yeti found himself back at the shelter.

Yeti and Grandma

Day after day, Yeti waited patiently for his forever family (all the while winning over the staff with his goofy, charming personality!) Nearly 80 days after his third trip to the shelter, the Lennox Family arrived.

The Lennoxes weren’t looking for a dog Yeti’s size, but they were somehow drawn to him. They decided to take a chance on the once unwanted pit bull. Adopting Yeti would turn out to be the best decision they ever made.

Yeti in Car

Let’s go home!

Yeti to The Rescue

Lennox Family at River

Fallon and Yeti River Rocks

Several weeks after his adoption, a fun family day at the river almost turned tragic. Fallon (Yeti’s 6-year-old human brother) accidentally slipped into the water and was swept away by the current.

Yeti was the first to realize that Fallon was in trouble. The dog jumped into the river and pushed the drowning boy toward the rocks, where relatives were able to pull him to safety. It was fate that the Lennoxes came to the shelter the day they did; they ended up adopting the dog who saved their son’s life.

Yeti and Fallon

Any Pet Can Be a Hero

Each year, millions of shelter pets are euthanized. One of these pets could have been the next Yeti, but they were never given the chance. Not every shelter pet is able to physically save a life, like Yeti did, but they all have gifts to share with the world (even if that gift is sitting like a lump on the couch while keeping their human company.)

Do you know a rescue pet with an incredible story that the world needs to hear? Nominate them to be the 2019 Remember Me Thursday Rescue Pet Hero! Email their story and photo to


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  1. Yeti’s story is amazing and yet not unusual. We publish good animal news each Monday and have shared many stories of rescued pets saving the people who saved them. ♥

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