DIY Bird Feeder

Make a Homemade Bird Feeder

An easy homemade bird feeder project for kids

Be a backyard bird hero! Spring has sprung and the wild birds are out looking for plentiful food, especially with a lot of new chicks hatching. Did you know that birds help out plants by eating their seeds? When the birds fly all around they scatter seeds with their digestive process which helps create new plants, which creates more food. Lend a helping hand to feed the baby birds, create new plants and clean up the planet at the same time!

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Homemade Bird Feeder Materials

  • toilet paper tube
  • chop stick
  • peanut butter (or any nut butter of your choice)
  • string
  • birdseed
  • hole punch
  • plastic knife

DIY Bird Feeder Instructions

  1. Start by using hole punch to put holes near the bottom of toilet paper tube, punch out one hole on opposite sides of tube. Now do the same near the top of the tube.
  2. Put the string through the two holes at the top and tie in a knot to make a loop.
  3. Use the plastic knife to spread the nut butter on the tube, don’t spread it on the bottom ¼ of the tube where you punched the holes.
  4. Put your birdseed in a large bowl or pan and roll the nut butter covered tube around in the birdseed to cover.
  5. Put the chopstick through the holes at the bottom of the tube and hang outside in a tree for the wild birds to find and enjoy!

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