Paper Tube Animal Craft

Recycled Crafts for Kids

Paper Tube Animal – Frog Catching a Fly Toy

The days are gradually getting longer signaling the return of spring. The ponds and rivers are slowing warming up and the critters are emerging from their winter homes. Make this fun and easy Paper Tube Frog Catching a Fly Toy to celebrate spring and help protect animals’ habitats by remembering to use recycled materials in all your craft projects.

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Paper Tube Animal Frog Toy Materials

– toilet paper tube

– string

– green paint

– googly eyes

– hot glue gun

– bead

– card stock or other stiff paper

– pen/marker

Paper Tube Craft Directions

Step One: Start by painting your toilet paper tube green. Use a sponge to easily spread the paint. Once the paint is dry, smash down one end of the tube and use hot glue gun to attach one end of the string to the inside of the tube then seal the end shut.

Paper Tube Animal Craft

Step Two: Glue googly eyes near the open end of tube. Use the cardstock to print out an image of a fly (or be creative and draw your own!) On the loose end of the string tie on the bead then use the hot glue gun to attach your “fly.” The bead will give your fly weight so it can soar through the air!

Bead for Paper Toy Craft

Now your frog is ready to try and catch his fly! Make this fun toy with friends and have a competition to see who can catch the most flies. Remind your friends to help protect animal habitats by remembering to reuse, reduce and recycle!

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