Valentine’s Day Crafts – Easy Papercraft

Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

Hedgehog and Fish Valentine's Day Papercraft

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching the stores are filling up with cards and chocolate as our hearts fill up with love. Here at Helen Woodward Animal Center we hold a special place in our hearts for animals! These two crafts provide a fun and creative way for you and your little animal-lover to express your adoration for animals. This post features a heart shaped fish and hedgehog but you can find more ideas like these at Housing A Forest-Heart Shaped Animals. (You can also find the templates for the following crafts there, too!)

February Critter Camp - San Diego

Materials Needed: scissors, glue stick, and colorful paper

Valentine’s Day Paper Craft: The Love Fish

Paper for Valentine's Day paper craft

The Love Fish Pieces You’ll Need

The Love Fish: This craft is adorable, not too time consuming and doesn’t require a lot of materials. You will need: one circle for the body (about 3.5” in diameter), one circle for the eye (about 1” in diameter), one heart for the mouth (a bit bigger than a quarter), one heart for the pectoral fin (a bit bigger than a half-dollar), one heart for the dorsal fin (should be wider than pectoral fin), one small heart for the pupil, and two hearts for the tail fins (about the size of the dorsal fin). The order of operations is really up to you!

Valentine's Day Papercraft - Valentine Craft For Kids - Heartfish

The Love Fish blowing kisses at you!

Valentine’s Day Paper Craft: Hearty the Hedgehog

Valentine's Day Papercraft - Valentine Craft For Kids - Hedgehog

What you’ll need for Hearty the Hedgehog

Hearty the Hedgehog: This little guy takes a bit more patience due to the “spikes” but it’s worth it! You will need: one oval for the body (6” high, 4.5” wide at widest areas), one heart for the head (about the size of a sand dollar), one heart for the face (about ¾ of the size of the head), one heart for the nose (about the size of a penny), two hearts for the eyes (about the size of a dime), two hearts for the feet (a bit bigger than a quarter), and about 30 hearts for the spikes (about the size of a nickel). We assembled the head/face first but attached it last; you can use some foam tape to attach. Other than that, assemble in which ever order works for you!

Valentine's Day Papercraft - Valentine Craft For Kids - Hedgehog

Completed Hedgehog! He needs a noseboop!

Enjoy these cute critters and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! For more animal-crafts or ideas, visit the Center’s Education Department. Please share your crafts with us! Go to Education at Helen Woodward Animal Center on Facebook to post a pic. 


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