Five Ways to be a Superhero to Animals

How To Be a Hero To Animals

How to be a Hero To Animals

Five Ways to be a Superhero to Animals

Be a Hero to Animals

With great power comes great responsibility, and we have a responsibility to be heroes to animals. Here are five ways that our Summer Critter Campers are being heroes to animals and some ways you can be a hero, too!

Be a Hero to Animals - Walk Your Pets

1. Exercise your pet! Dogs love walks, runs or hikes. Kitties love to play with toys! Barn animals need exercise as part of their overall well-being, too. We enjoy taking Oreo, Tux, and Casper out for walks and helping them stay healthy.

Be a Hero to Animals - Train Your Pets

2. Train your pet. Training is a great way to build a bond between you and your pet, and it even makes them a happier animal! At Critter Camp, we’re learning how to clicker train, and practicing on each other. Training your pet can help keep them happy and safe.

Be a Hero to Animals

3. Socialize your pet. What does socialization mean? That means introducing your pet to others in a safe and fun way for that animal.  Our 7th and 8th grade “Critter Camp Leaders in Training” are helping socialize our chinchillas. Socialization is a great way for animals to receive enrichment and build the bond between people and animals. The “Leaders in Training” are also learning how to save this endangered species from extinction.

Be a Hero to Animals, keep them clean

4. Keep your pet and its home clean. Miniature Horses don’t have hands, they have hooves, so it’s hard for them to clean their rooms. We’re being heroes to animals by cleaning their stalls and learning the responsibilities of owning a horse. You can be a hero to animals by being a responsible pet owner and keeping your pet clean and healthy.

Be a Hero to Animals and adopt your next pet

5. Adopt your next pet. Dogs and cats make great pets, and there are so many that need loving, forever, homes. At Critter Camp, we’re learning how to make a happy home for a pet, and how adopting a pet makes us a hero. We are also learning that if we can’t adopt a pet, we can still be heroes to animals by participating in fundraisers, donating, volunteering, or just sharing our love and passion for animals with others!

Summer Critter Camp San Diego

Local to San Diego? If you would like your child to be a superhero to animals for a week, there is still time to enroll in Summer Critter Camp!


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