Meet Our Animal Superheroes

Animal Superheroes at Helen Woodward Animal Center

Animal Heroes at Helen Woodward Animal Center

Whether it’s by the way they survive in their natural habitat, or their ability to help others, animals perform truly heroic acts every day. Here are some of Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Education animals that have blown us up, up, and away with their incredible super powers and heroic qualities.

Lola, the Cockatiel

Superpower:  Elaborate communication

Animal Superhero - Lola the Cockatiel

Do you see the long, pretty feathers on top of Lola’s head? These are her “crest feathers” and they allow her to communicate with other birds and her human friends. A crest feather sticking straight up signifies excitement, while, a crest feather pinned against her head communications frustration. We like to think a cockatiel’s crest feathers are similar to a human’s eyebrows! How do you use your eyebrows to communicate your feelings?

Indy, the Ball Python

Superpower: Ability to smell with his tongue

Animal Superhero - Indy the Ball Python

Adaptations are an animal’s super powers of survival and a forked tongue is a Ball Python’s coolest super power! Forked tongues allow for snakes to smell in different directions, all at once, so they can find a meal! Can you smell with your own tongue?

Tasha, the African Gray Parrot

Superpower: Intense Intelligence

Africans Gray Parrots are notorious for being smart birds with an ability to learn. Tasha the African Gray Parrot even knows his colors: black, blue, red, green, and purple. Watch Tasha, and his super duper brain, pick the correct color in the video!

Machu, the Chinchilla!

Superpower: Surviving in her ice cold “secret lair.”

Animal Superhero - Machu the Chinchilla

Chinchillas live in the cold, snowy mountains of South America, but have you ever wondered their secret to surviving in that chilly weather? Chinchilla’s have extremely dense fur, they have the densest fur of any land mammal with over 3,000 hairs per square inch! Having such dense fur helps keep them warm, even in the chilliest of weather!

Baby, the Dog!

Superpower: Helping people overcome their fear of dogs!

Animal Superhero - Baby the Dog

By wagging her beautiful tail and showing that, despite her size she is a gentle soul, Baby helps children of all ages overcome their fear of dogs. After meeting Baby, and other dogs like Baby, through the Center’s DogSmart program, some kids have even gone on to become heroes by adopting a dog of their own!

Summer Critter Camp San Diego

To meet these Animal Heroes yourself (and a  few others!), sign up for our Animal Heroes Summer Critter Camp! Critter Campers experience a full week of amazing animal interactions and summer camp activities including animal themed games, crafts, songs, and more. Register your Critter Camper today!

Animal Heroes Summer Critter Camp

At Helen Woodward Animal Center

June 15 through August 21

Pre-K through 8th grade


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