DIY Rainbow Dyed Flowers

How to Dye Flowers with Food Coloring

Hop, Hop, HOORAY, it’s finally Spring! Those visiting Helen Woodward Animal Center can expect to spot baby bunnies, lizards, and birds enjoying the warming weather and abundance of food. Critter Campers are especially in awe of the flourishing wildlife around the Center while learning how our wild animal-friends thrive. Campers are also learning about what plants need to survive. Just like animals, plants need food and water, but plants don’t have a mouth to drink, they have roots and stems! To prove to young minds that plants absorb water through their roots and stems we conducted this awesome spring-time experiment during our Spring Critter Camp:

A magical way for kids to learn how flowers grow and thrive!

Rainbow Dyed Flowers

Rainbow Dyed Flowers MaterialsMATERIALS NEEDED:

  • White flowers (we used mini carnations and poms)
  • Food coloring (the more colors, the better!)
  • Mason jars or clear vases (one for every color)
  • Water
  • Sunlight

Rainbow Dyed Flowers

Step 1: Cut the flower stems (cutting flowers at an angle works best)

Rainbow dyed flowers

Dyeing Rainbow Flowers

Step 2: Add food coloring to the water (the more color the better)

Rainbow Dyed Flowers

Step 3: Add a flower (or two) to each water vase or jar

Rainbow dyed flowers

Step 4: Place in a sunny windowsill!

Rainbow dyed carnations

Step 5: Watch the white flowers turn the color of their water over the next few days!

Do you live in San Diego County? Your kids can do experiments like this all summer long! Summer Critter Camp is filled with animal interactions and learning. Learn more today!

Summer Critter Camp San Diego



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