2014 Most Heartwarming Story Contest Winners

Pet Adoption Story Contest Winners


Two Most Heartwarming Story Winners - Zonder and Katt

We have an unprecedented outcome for 2014’s Most Heartwarming Story Contest: two Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays partner organizations,  Friends of Rescue and Home FurEver Rescue, each received 1,359 votes, tying them as the winners of the story contest! For their hard work and dedication, both organizations will receive $1,000 for their extraordinary “tails” that showcased the resiliency and unconditional love of the pets they found homes for.

Meet Zonder, from Friends of Rescue

Zonder - Adoption Photo

Zonder, deaf and blind, was utterly alone in the shelter before he was rescued. After 10 weeks of rehabilitation and love, Zonder found a wonderful forever home! Read his story!

Meet Katt, from Home FurEver Rescue

Katt Home FurEver Rescue 6

After her rescue off the streets of Detroit, Katt waited two years to find a forever family. Now she has a warm, loving home and a new sibling to play with! Read her story!

Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays Pet Adoption Total: 1,320,170 Pets Saved

To all our story participants, each of your stories touched our hearts. We are grateful to work alongside each and every one of you and enhance the quality of life for orphan pets throughout our country and our world. Thank you so much for all you do.

Thank you again for everyone’s votes and participation. Together, the Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays pet adoption campaign saved 1,320,170 pets.  These successes show the incredible growth of the program and we will not stop until every orphan pet goes “Home 4 the Holidays.”

If you are an animal welfare organization, sign up for next year’s Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays adoption drive here!


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