Celebrating 3,000 Adopted Pets

Helen Woodward Animal Center Celebrating Record Pet Adoptions

Popsicle (left) and Creamsicle (right) are the 2,999th and 3,000th adopted pets at Helen Woodward Animal Center

Popsicle (left) and his brother, Creamsicle (right), are the 2,999th and 3,000th adopted pets at Helen Woodward Animal Center

On December 12, 3:13 p.m., as hopeful rays of sunshine peeked out from behind the remains of ragged rain clouds, something happened at Helen Woodward Animal Center that staff and volunteers had not seen before: the 3,000th pet adopted from the Center was placed in the loving arms of his forever family! Creamsicle, along with his bonded brother, Popsicle, were the 2,999th and 3,000th pet adoptions of 2014. This record number of pet adoptions far exceeded the total number of annual adoptions in any prior year, and there are still two weeks to go in 2014!

3,000 Adopted Pets

Brenna with Creamsicle and Popsicle!

And the lucky adopters? They are a local family from San Diego! The Rich Family wanted to bring in a furry family member for the holidays, specifically, a kitten. Their son, Gavin, age 10, fell in love with the orange and white tabby kitten, Creamsicle, when he saw Creamsicle’s adoption profile online. However, Creamsicle needed to go home with his much-beloved brother, Popsicle, as they each depended on one another for comfort, stability and friendship. The Rich Family just couldn’t bear to part them and so one adoption became two… and Creamsicle became lucky number 3,000 that beautiful Friday afternoon.

Gavin went to the Center’s Critter Camp and had become obsessed with animals. “He has decided he wants to work with animals one day,” stated his father, Dan. “He doesn’t care how much money he makes. For him, it’s all about heart. We’re bringing home two. Twice as much to love!”

CreamsicleWe could not have done this alone. It truly takes a village to make a difference for these precious lives and we could not have done it without you. Thank you to our hard-working staff, our committed volunteers, our pet rescue partners and the San Diego community for being so devoted in supporting and helping orphan pets find homes.

So, if YOU are reading this and YOU support orphan pets – this milestone celebration also belongs to you!

Here’s to a record number of pet adoptions this year!

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