What To Do on Remember Me Thursday

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Three Ways to Help Shelter Pets on Remember Me Thursday

Did you know only 30% of pets in U.S. households come from rescue facilities? And 3.4 million pets are euthanized in the U.S. each year? (Statistic Credit: HSUS, 2013) The Remember Me Thursday® global awareness campaign encourages individuals to light a candle this day (literally or virtually) and to opt to adopt, reducing the millions of orphan pets euthanized each year.


Remember Me Thursday Dog and Cat

What Is Special About Remember Me Thursday?

Remember Me Thursday® is a day where animal lovers all over the world can join forces to promote pet adoption and decrease pet euthanasia. It honors those orphan pets who never found forever homes while instilling the power in people to change the future for the adoptable pets waiting to be adopted now.

By sharing pro pet adoption messages, photos or videos, using #LightForPets, on Thursday, September 24, 2015, we are honoring those lost pets and bringing awareness to the pets we can still help by working together and spreading their message.

Feline Rescue of North Nevada with a Remember Me Thursday gathering

Feline Rescue of North Nevada with a Remember Me Thursday gathering

What Can I Do on Remember Me Thursday?

Here are three easy ways you can help orphan pets on Remember Me Thursday!

1. Gather Friends and Family and Light Up Your Community with a Grassroots Neighborhood Event.

Help adoptable pets in your community by gathering your friends, family and co-workers to help! You could arrange a twilight candle walk with your neighbors or organize a pet food donation drive with co-workers. Do what inspire YOU! Click here for more ideas on how to get involved.

*New this year!* Do you work with children or know a pet-lover who does? Remember Me Thursday has a new Educator’s Kit that teaching children compassion for animals. This free kit comes with a Remember Me Thursday lesson plan, coloring book and candle craft. Download here!

School kids in Puerto Rico showing off their Remember Me Thursday candle coloring page

School kids in Puerto Rico showing off their Remember Me Thursday candle coloring page

2. On September 24, Share Your Love For Pet Adoption on Social Media – Tag with#LightForPets

Did you adopt your pet? How did it change your life? By sharing your pet adoption story, photo or video, with #LIGHTFORPETS, you could inspire the next pet adoption! Need ideas for tweets or posts? We got you covered! Click here for graphics and ideas!

Share your special story, photo or video with #LightForPets

Share your special story, photo or video with #LightForPets

3. Light a Candle, Help a Local Pet Adoption Organization

You can light a Remember Me Thursday virtual candle and check out organizations in your area participating in Remember Me Thursday. The next time you think about adding a pet to your family, we hope you visit a Remember Me Thursday pet adoption organization!

An extra special thank you to Remember Me Thursday’s sponsor, Blue Buffalo, and for everyone who lights a candle for orphan pets!

2 responses to “What To Do on Remember Me Thursday

  1. I am Currently owned by a very Spoiled Whippet named Spoons whom I did purchase from a Breeder but I have decided my next fur addition to our family will be an adopted one for the fact that our family has a LOT of LOVE to give and I feel No pet should leave this world feeling unloved especially since they all give their Love so unconditionally with nothing in return♡!

  2. I will light a candle for all those poor unloved pets, If I could I would adopted them all, its so sad people rather buy a cute puppy instead of adopting a pet at the humane society , I hope this day make people more aware of those animals out there who need a forever home, and what happens to the animals that don’t get adopted.

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