Favorite Critter Camp Moments

Favorite Moments From Summer Critter Camp

Critter Camp - besties

This has been the best Summer Critter Camp yet! Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Education Department almost beat the record for critter campers attending camp in one summer season. Everyone including kids, teachers, parents, and even the animals had smiles on their faces. Helen Woodward’s Education Department’s mission is to teach humane education in a fun and engaging way to promote compassion for animals and our planet. We asked our Education Department to tell us about some of their favorite moments this summer and here they are. We dare you not to smile now!

“I loved hearing our campers chant at the top of their lungs, ‘We are Critter Camp!‘ or watching the kindergarteners get splashed by Baby, an Education dog, while give her bath. On numerous occasions, I had parents come up to me and tell me, ‘This is my child’s favorite camp!’ It’s so wonderful to hear that and even better to see the passion and love that our campers have when meeting and interacting with all of our animals.” – Heather, Education Manager at Helen Woodward Animal Center

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Autumn Harvest Tours start Oct. 1! Spooky critters, fun memories!

Critter Camper Quotes

We loved overhearing what the campers said about camp and their “animal instructors.” Here’s a list of favorites…

“I know every animal’s name. Except Casper.”

“I want to be a camp counselor here and then a teacher here and then buy the whole place.”

“I can’t stop saying ‘alpaca.'”

“You guys have the best bugs!”

“The leopard gecko’s eyes look like planet Earth.”

And our favorite quote, describing the noises our alpacas make…

“The alpacas sound like a ghost playing guitar!”

Next up for the season: Autumn Harvest Tours. Perfect for school, scout and play groups.

Favorite Critter Camp Moments

Critter Camp - alpacasNot only did our campers create memorable moments, but our instructors also made memories they will never forget. Haylee, a Critter Camp and Animal Care staff member, recalls how campers, when learning about careers with animals, loved cleaning the enclosures, “Campers always had a ton of fun and thanked me after they got to help clean animal enclosures. They were always so excited for it! One of the kids even asked how she could get a job like ours working with animals.”

She asked me how she could get a job like ours working with animals

Hashbrown the Critter Camp BunnyMany remember the campers’ awe at Hashbrown, a Flemish Giant rabbit, and that he could actually go for a walk on a leash – and they got to walk him! Hashbrown’s favorite campers were the kindergarteners; he loved to lay in the middle of their circles and be pet.

A close third is the laughter at two chinchillas, named Machu and Picchu, and their dust bath antics. Haylee says, “There was so much laughter  from campers (and sometimes instructors) watching the chinchillas dust bathe and run in their wheel. They were two ‘favorites’ this summer for sure.”

Other fave moments: a whole class spontaneously erupting into the ‘Happy Birthday’ song for Sally the snake’s birthday, a 60-kid “Crab Walk Contest” (and the hilarious scene that ensued), feeding the mini-horses, and the campers creating heartwarming “Adopt Me” signs for Helen Woodward Animal Center’s adoptable pets.

All in all, it was a magical summer! We wish our campers all the best for the 2014-2015 school year and we hope to see you all soon at Helen Woodward Animal Center!


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