Newest San Diego Summer Camp Animal Ambassadors

Meet the Center’s Newest Summer Camp Animals

Summer Critter Camp Animals

Helen Woodward Animal Center is very excited to welcome Summer Critter Camp’s two newest animal ambassadors: Kuzco and Kronk. Kuzco and Kronk are two alpacas vacationing with the Center all summer long! They are both from a working alpaca farm and wool mill, called A Simpler Time Mill, which is located in east San Diego County.

Alpacas Versus Llamas

If you think that Kuzko and Kronk look like llamas, you’re not the only one to think so! Llamas and alpacas are actually related, but there are major differences between the two species:

  • Alpacas are much smaller than llamas. Alpacas can weigh up to 150 pounds while llamas can top 400 pounds!
  • Alpacas are known for their soft, fleecy wool. Llamas have a soft inner coat, but their outer coat is very coarse.
  • Llamas were originally domesticated for carrying large, heavy packs. Alpacas were domesticated for that soft, special wool.
  • Alpacas are generally more docile and gentler of nature. Llamas have been known to be “herd protectors.”
Kuzco meeting the Therapeutic Riding horses

Kuzco meeting the Therapeutic Riding horses

Kuzco and Kronk

Kuzco and Kronk are both of the Huacaya (Wa-kee-a) breed of alpaca, known for their puffy, teddy bear like coat. Kuzco and Kronk were sheared for their wool in late spring, that’s why they are missing that puffy coat their breed is known for. Kuzco and Kronk are nearly the exact same age – they were born only one day apart but are not related to one another.

Summer Critter Camp Animals

Kuzco taking a break from a snack!

Kuzco is larger, more active and loves treats of all kinds. So far he hasn’t turned anything down and we have given him to eat: carrots, apples, banana chips, and edible flower petals! He’ll readily come over to anyone standing by the enclosure in the hopes they have food.

Summer Critter Camp animals

Kronk at Summer Critter Camp

Kronk is younger, smaller and more dependent on Kuzco’s confidence. He always sticks close to Kuzco, where as Kuzco is more independent. Kronk is not as food motivated as Kuzco, but is actually quite accommodating when we teach him new things!

You may recognize their names if you are a fan of Disney movies! Both are named for characters in the animated film, “The Emperor’s New Groove.”

You can meet both Kuzco and Kronk this summer at Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Summer Critter Camp!

Summer Critter Camp Animals


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