Abandoned Christmas Eve Kitty Ready To Find A Home

Abandoned Cat Becomes An Internet Celebrity

Christmas Eve Kitty “George Bailey” Ready to Embark on His Wonderful Life…

Christmas Eve Abandoned Cat - George Bailey

George Bailey enjoys ear “scritches” and snuggling under his covers

**Adoption Update!** It is with great joy to announce that George Bailey, who was abandoned on our doorstep on Christmas Eve, 2013, found a loving forever home on Sunday, March 2. We are so appreciative of the online animal welfare community who worked hard to share George’s story and help him find a family! You can read his story below.

An abandoned seven-year-old male cat is receiving some overwhelming attention at Helen Woodward Animal Center.  Left in a small crate alongside the equine stables in the early morning hours of Christmas Eve, the domestic short-haired feline’s prospects looked grim.  The former owner had left only a note of apology that he no longer had the resources to care for his devoted pet.  Center staff renamed the affectionate cat George Bailey after the lead character in the holiday film; It’s a Wonderful Life, hoping to find an angelic adopter to prove to George that his life had meaning after all.

Abandoned Christmas Eve Kitty – George’s Snuggly Video

Like the beloved character in the Frank Capra classic, an angel does indeed seem to be looking out for George Bailey.  His tragic story was picked up by People Pets, an off-shoot of People Magazine, and the neglected feline is now an international celebrity.  His write up and accompanying video were viewed by over 100,000 on-line animal-lovers with inquiries, comments, well-wishes and “likes” coming from such far away states as Florida and Maine and such far away countries as Australia and the UK.  One Florida fan wrote, “Your wonderful new life is just beginning George Bailey.  Everything happens for a reason and someone is just waiting to scoop you up… with love from Florida…”

George Bailey’s Recovery

But before George could be “scooped up,” he had some healing to do.  Helen Woodward Animal Center Veterinarian Dr. Stephanie Oba provided the feline every health check and procedure he required to be deemed adoption-ready, including a full dental, which required an extraction.  At last fully recovered, George Bailey is ready to settle into his wonderful new life and is hoping a real-life angel can provide him a loving home.


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