Abandoned Christmas Eve Kitty

Abandoned Cat, “George Bailey”, Deserves a Wonderful Life

Abandoned Cat on Christmas Eve

Abandoned cat, George Bailey, receives some loving reassurance from Helen Woodward Animal Center staff

**Adoption Update!** It is with great joy to announce that George Bailey, who was abandoned on our doorstep on Christmas Eve, 2013, found a loving forever home on Sunday, March 2. We are so appreciative of the online animal welfare community who worked hard to share George’s story and help him find a family! You can read his story below.

Christmas Eve Abandoned KittyIn the early morning hours, Helen Woodward Animal Center staff stumbled upon a tiny, furry, Christmas Eve guest.  Heading into the adoptions building, they noticed a small crate placed alongside the equine stables.  Inside a male, seven-year-old, domestic short-haired cat had been abandoned with only a note. Unable to care for him any longer, the former owner expressed an apology and a reassurance that the feline was up-to-date on his shots as of last year. Center staff has renamed the affectionate cat George Bailey after the lead character in the holiday film, It’s a Wonderful Life.  Now the search is on for an angelic adopter to prove to George that his life has meaning after all.

The 1946 American classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, is considered one of the most beloved stories of all time.  The film focuses on George Bailey’s emotional Christmas Eve crisis, convinced that his life is meaningless.  A guardian angel named Clarence arrives just in time to show George how many lives he has touched and changed for the good. Center adoptions staffers have similarly been touched by this abandoned feline and are making a concerted effort to ensure that his New Year will be surrounded by a loving forever family.

“You can see the sorrow and confusion in George’s face”

Ed Farrelly, the Center’s Animal Services Manager expresses sadness and frustration, “It is always emotional for us when we see an adult family pet that is given up without any real explanation. You can see the sorrow and confusion on George’s face.  It really hits us all so close to Christmas.” 

Help George and other pets desperately in need of a second chance, a donation of any amount will save lives.

Center Veterinarian Dr. Stephanie Oba is providing George Bailey every health check and procedure he requires to be deemed adoption-ready.   He will be receiving a full dental, probable extractions and a normal two week vaccination wait period before he can start his quest for a home.  Once fully healed, the adoptions staff is eager to see him settle in to his new “wonderful life.”


6 responses to “Abandoned Christmas Eve Kitty

  1. This boy, if doggie friendly, has a home in NYC if transport is possible. I know this home and I would gladly get adopted into it, if I were homeless.

  2. I would like to have an update on this precious sweet angel George Bailey! Does he now have his furrever home? Is he alright?

  3. Would it help any if I paid his adoption fee and left the process of finding a home up to you? As I live in Canada and work away from home.

    Drop me a line if you like my idea. 😉

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