Hope, Determination and Courage – Heartwarming Story Contest

This pet rescue story is an entry in the Most Heartwarming Story Contest, by Helen Woodward Animal Center. The Most Heartwarming Story Contest is open to any and all participating Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays pet organizations. The winner will win $500 for their facility or rescue! Your organization can become a Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays partner today. This story will now have an opportunity to be featured in the finalist pool in February, 2014.

This Heartwarming Story entry is special since we have TWO story selections! Both entries are dogs who have overcome physical hardship to find forever families.

Two Stories of Hope, Determination and Courage

Heartwarming Story Contest - Bullet

Bullet Finds a “Furever” Home for the Holidays!

By Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue, located in Quinlan, Texas

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My name is Bullet and my story is one from rags to riches! I was a stray in a rural area and was living in the woods with a pack of dogs that was like my family. We scrounged for food at the local convenience store, usually after dark, but sometimes we were so hungry we would hang out there hoping someone would notice. We could tell nobody liked us.

One day we saw a man who we could tell was different… he didn’t yell at us. His name was Allan and he had an animal rescue down the road: Texas Best Choices.  He started leaving food for us in the woods where we lived.  He could see us but we were too afraid to come out, but he faithfully fed us every evening and sometimes called us to make sure we were still there. In the summer he would leave buckets of water even though a lake was near.  He fed us for many months, always coming at dark so we could sleep with a full bellies.

Heartwarming Story Contest - BulletSometimes we still hung out at the store looking for a handout, but one day an angry man kicked at me when I was near the store, and later he came back and did the most horrible thing. I saw him with what I thought was a stick so I turned to run, but then I heard a loud sound and something sharp pierced my leg and I fell to the ground… he just laughed.  Allan came that evening and found me bleeding, nearly dying in the grass.  He thought I had been hit by a car and I wish I could have told him. I let him pick me up and he took me to his Vet’s office where they did an X-Ray and it showed I had been shot. I saw the disbelief on Allan’s face and the sadness in his eyes. The Doc said he could not save my leg, but Allan said he wanted to save my life. Even though I was put under the anesthesia rather quickly, I remember Allan’s hand on my head. I don’t think anyone had ever shown me this kind of love before, and he told me, “it was going to be okay.”

I became a “tripawd” that day and went to live at the rescue, hence my name: Bullet.  

Heartwarming Story Contest - BulletI got lots of special care while I recovered from my surgery and plenty of good food and water, and love and attention for the first time in my life.  I liked it already. When I was healed, I got a playmate, and a larger run where I learned to run on my three legs. It was wonderful to be free but also be SAFE. I have been at the rescue since 2008, and it’s been a long time, but everyone is happy here and we all just wait for that special family to come and say they want ME!

They all just fell in love with me!

November 10, 2013 was my day! Mike and Janet and their daughters, Samantha and Ellen, came to the rescue looking for a dog, but they wanted to see lots of dogs to pick the right one. I couldn’t believe it when they came in my run. I was really on my good behavior and showed more friendliness than I ever had before. I could tell this was going to be MY family.  Their son had recently joined the military and they were a bit lonesome for another guy in the family. Dad said he needed a fishin’ buddy and they all just fell in love with me!!!

Allan couldn’t believe it when they said that I, Bullet, was the one!  He almost cried and my heart was beating so fast!  Texas Best Choices told me they would never give up trying to find me the right home, and I could stay there as long as it took, but thankfully my day came and I am now at home with my wonderful forever family. I went HOME just in time for the holidays and life is very good!



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3 responses to “Hope, Determination and Courage – Heartwarming Story Contest

  1. Hey! I am Naomi’s foster mom and wanted to give you an update. Unfortunately, the family that adopted Naomi was unable to keep her. We are hopeful that Naomi will find a family that can help her in her recovery. Even though she has come a long way, she still needs care and support in her progress.

    She’s doing better every day both with her bladder and in her training for some jumping and mouthing when she gets excited. She’s a wonderful dog who just needs someone with patience and understanding, and willingness to know that she will need time – we experienced some regression with the last family in her potty training so that may happen again, but I can speak from experience that this will improve and she does real well most days. She has some accidents, she can go days without any, but a few here and there are bound to happen. She had nerve damage and that has resulted in some issues with her being able to hold her bladder. But seriously an amazing dog who has fight and resilience in everything she does.

    Please help us find Naomi her forever Home for the Holidays.

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