Year End Donations – Help Animals in Need

Year End Donations Help Pets in Need

Helen Woodward Animal Center Saves Pets from Overburdened Animal Shelters

Approximately 90% of the adoptable pets at Helen Woodward Animal Center are rescued from other, overcrowded and understaffed facilities, both locally, and across southern California, Arizona, and Utah, that do not have the resources needed to care for and place these pets. Our staff and network of dedicated transfer partners deliver these pets to the safety of Helen Woodward Animal Center where we are able to place them in loving, forever homes.

Transfer Infographic_Full

Our Adoptions and Transfer Program takes pets out of overburdened animal shelters and places them in loving homes through our Adoption Center

Thanks to the support of our donors, our Transfer Program has increased by 23% in 2013!

2012: 226 pet transfers

2013: 278 pet transfers

Thousands of dedicated individuals run countless rescue groups that travel throughout every region of the country rescuing orphaned pets from situations where they are at risk of being euthanized and delivering them to facilities in areas with a higher demand for adoptable pets that have the space and resources to care for them.  Helen Woodward Animal Center partners with many such groups both locally and regionally, and also works directly with other shelters to serve as a safe destination for pets that are running out of time.

Help pets by donating today

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