Year End Donations – Faith’s Story

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Nearly blind kitten gets adopted

If patience is worth anything, it must endure to the end of time. And a living faith will last in the midst of the blackest storm.” –Mahatma Gandhi 

The kitten who can see againFor the first three months of Faith’s life, pain was her constant companion. Her eyes, which should have opened ten to fourteen days after her birth, were in a constant state of half-opened, blurry agony. Faith had been born without her upper eyelids fully formed, so instead of smooth eyelids protecting her sensitive corneas, her fur literally scraped her eyes raw, limiting her vision and scarring her corneas every time she tried to see the world around her.

She was very limited in what she could see or do. Without proper medical care, Faith would soon become blind and the damage to her eyes would be irreparable.

Some pets need more medical care than others, you can help the most vulnerable pets today.

Kitten getting pettedFaith’s Eyes Surgeries

When we met Faith we were amazed at the pain this sweet and kind little kitten had endured. Despite her painful condition, Faith’s favorite thing in the world was enjoying “ear scritches” from anyone willing to give them. To entice people for a petting session, Faith had an adorable habit of tipping over to one side, extending her face outward and tilting her ears back and forth as if to say, “See? You’re supposed to pet right here!”

We knew we had to help her.

For her first surgery, our medical team tacked the skin above her eyes so it would no longer touch her corneas. We soon discovered Faith’s condition was too severe and a second surgery was scheduled: actual reconstruction of upper eyelids and conjunctiva for little Faith. Faith’s upper eyelids and conjunctiva were actually grafted from her lower eyelids. The second surgery went smoothly – now it was just time to wait and heal.

Kitten with cone on

Faith enjoying a petting session from a staff member

Kitten with cone

She still enjoyed those “ear scritches”

Faith’s Successful Recovery

During her recuperation, Faith had to wear an e-collar (a cone) to keep her paws away from her face. To also aid in her recovery, Faith was given eye drops three times day. If you have owned a cat before, you know those two things do not go over well with most felines! However, little Faith remained patient, calm and loving throughout her entire recovery. The e-collar was a little bulky for her “ear scritches”, but we worked around it!

After two months of eye drops, medical exams and that bulky e-collar, Faith’s eyelids had healed! She began to interact with the world around her and playing with objects and toys unfamiliar to her. She even interacted with new feline friends!

Kitten paws

After enduring months of blindness and pain, it was so exciting and rewarding to watch our little Faith discover the world around her. She waited so long and patiently… and that’s why we named this beautiful and loving kitten “Faith”.

And guess what! On Monday, December 2, Faith went home with a forever family who fell in love with her gentle spirit! (And obsession for “ear scritches”.) We’re so happy for Faith and her new parents – congratulations!

A Year End Gift Will Help More Pets Like Faith

If you are thinking about a year end donation, please consider helping other vulnerable pets like Faith with a donation to our Adoptions Program.


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