Thankful For Our Pets

We Are Thankful For…

Helen Woodward Animal Center Friends and Volunteers are Thankful for Their Pets

If you’re a Facebook user, you may have noticed friends and family posting reasons why they are thankful every day. It’s a social media movement called ’30 Days of Thankful’. We were inspired by our own Facebook friends and fans posting their thankful stories, we decided to ask them, “Why are you thankful for your pets this year?”

We received a wide range of responses ranging from “wagging tails”, “that one silly ear that won’t stay down”, and “the way she greets me when I come home”. We did find one uniting theme to every response we received: the gratitude for the unconditional love our pets bring to our families and our lives.

Feel free to click the thankful story you’d like to read! Or, scroll all the way down to read them all.

Thankful Blog_Darla

Thankful Blog_Doug

Thankful Blog_Mac and Savi

Thankful Blog_Arthur

Thankful Blog_Facebook Stories

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