Adorable Autumn Harvest Tours Moments

San Diego Autumn Harvest Tours Host Nearly 1,500 People

Autumn Harvest Tours, San Diego, California

Pumpkins, spooky critters, haunted campsites, cool costumes… Wait, is October over already?! We were having such a good time with our Autumn Harvest Tours that we totally lost track of time!

We’d like to howl a huge THANK YOU to everyone (both kids and parents) who came to Autumn Harvest Tours! We love showing off our most “creepy and crawly” creatures.  But, most of all, we love teaching both kids and their parents about the wonderful things our more misunderstood insect and animal-friends do for us and our planet.

Boy meeting a Madagascar Hissing cockroachThis season, we had nearly 1,000 children participate in our Autumn Harvest Tours program, from over 70 schools, scout groups and private groups. We also had 400 parents attend the program alongside their children, who we noticed had just as much fun as the kids while crawling through our haunted campsite. (Yes, parents, we heard you giggling!)

All in all almost 1,500 kids and adults learned compassion for animals and insects – and had a spooky-good-time doing it!

Halloween Kids Photo with Pumpkin

Here are a few memorable moments from our Autumn Harvest Tours instructors. We hope they put a smile on your face!

Cute Moments from Autumn Harvest Tours

“I was bringing the snake around for a toddler group to take a closer look. One child was shying away covering her knee that had a band-aid on it. I told her, ‘You don’t need to be afraid. This snake is very nice!’ The girl said, ‘I just don’t want him to eat my Hello Kitty band-aid!'”

Girl and Millipede“I was giving a presentation with one of our beautiful snakes during Autumn Harvest Tours. I asked the kindergarten group why a snake sticks his tongue out. One student raises his hand and says, ‘He doesn’t have hands to wave for someone to come over to him, so he uses his tongue to tell his friends, ‘Hey, come over here!'”

“Leading intrepid explorers through the Haunted Campsite was always fun. However, some of our brave explorers were younger, specifically one group of 2-4 year olds. That group requested our tour ‘not be too scary’ for our younger guests and we were happy to comply! However, while we crawling through the spider cave, we distinctly heard adult laughter – the moms were having the best time going through the spider webs!”

Autumn Harvest Tours - Helen Woodward Animal CenterFor the second year in a row, the local Girl Scouts came out by the hundreds to check out our creepy-yet-not-socreepy critters. We had almost 200 Girl Scouts here in one day! Thanks to great planning, awesome instructors, patient barn animal handlers, and rockin’ Girl Scouts, the day was a huge success! Thanks to the help of the Girl Scout leaders, we were even able to give each girl a special Helen Woodward Animal Center patch.

Holiday Fun Continues at Helen Woodward Animal Center

If you missed Autumn Harvest Tours, don’t fret! Helen Woodward Animal Center is planning two holiday weekends in December where your whole family can meet Santa, his miniature horse reindeer and his barnyard full of festive animals! Stop by and check out Helen Woodward’s Frosty Farm!

Helen Woodward's Frosty Farm, San Diego, California

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