Best Friends Adopted Together

Best Friends Adopted Together

Haven and Aphrodite (now Joey and Rosie) window-shopping from their new forever home.

Haven and Aphrodite (now Joey and Rosie) window-shopping from their new forever home.

Aphrodite and Haven were two of Helen Woodward Animal Center’s most affectionate residents. Not only did they love people, but they loved one another, too. Aphrodite and Haven came to the Center from different circumstances. They met in our Cattery, where they forged a close friendship that, we’re happy to say, will last a lifetime. Last month, Haven and Aphrodite were adopted together! We hope you enjoy this adoption update about Aphrodite and Haven, now named Joey and Rosie – Best Friends Forever!

Joey and Rosie - Best Friends Adopted Together

“Dear Helen Woodward Animal Center,

This Saturday marks Haven and Aphrodite’s one month in their new forever home.  They are named Joey and Rosie in honor of my cat-loving parents (Joe and Rose) who are looking down from Heaven.

Just when I think it can’t get any better… it does.  For the past few days, Rosie has taken to giving me back massages and purrs to wake me up in the morning (she doesn’t know my eyes are already open since I’m a “morning person”).  Both cats are playful with each other as well as with me. They absolutely LOVE to be brushed, and I accommodate them probably a half dozen (or more) times a day.  They both eat well – probably too well! Joey loves treats and Rosie can take them or leave them.  She’s watching her figure more than Joey is.  I’m not too worried about how much they’re eating because they are both getting a lot of exercise.  They tear through the house chasing each other!

Joey and Rosie - Best Friends Adopted TogetherWhen I initially brought them home, I confined them to my bedroom for a few days.  After that, I let them out to explore.  After 30 minutes of exploring, they acted like they lived here.  I let them have free reign as long as I was here – only putting them back into the bedroom if I had to leave and at night.  A couple of days later, though, I left them alone in the house for SHORT periods, and a couple of days after that, they had access to the whole house 24/7.  It was important to me to focus on areas that needed additional cat-proofing, if any.  Their actions let me know what needed my attention. (For example, putting the toilet lids down is important because Joey is fascinated by the water!) 

Yesterday, I bought them a kitty condo and when I got it home, I decided they really needed two.  So I bought another (smaller) one. Well, I was wrong. They both like the taller one and have no problem squeezing together. But, they have their own condos if they prefer. No big deal. Joey, in particular, likes the scratching ‘posts’ on the condos.

Joey and Rosie, sharing a nap in their kitty condo!

Joey and Rosie, sharing a nap in their kitty condo!

I have probably taken over 70 pics of them.  I have more of Joey than Rosie because she tends to run away from my phone.  Joey puts himself into photographic positions because he thinks he’s funny and pretty (and he is)!

At the insistence of my vet, I brought them in for their complimentary checkup.  Yes, they passed (of course). But Joey was mad at me for two days after subjecting him to the car ride and probing of unfamiliar hands.   He mostly stayed under the bed until he got over it!

Joey and Rosie - Best Friends Adopted TogetherAll in all, the entire experience with Helen Woodward Animal Center, Joey and Rosie is an A+. You folks are the best!”

Do you have an adoption update about a Helen Woodward Animal Center adopted alumni? We would love to see how your pets are doing! Feel free to email stories or photos to social [at]!


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