Superstorm Sandy Pet In Need of Rescue

Terminally Ill Canine Seeks Angelic Forever Family

**August 26, 2013 – Rio Adoption Update!**

Rio, a terminally ill canine who survived Hurricane Sandy, was adopted by a San Diego family.

Rio, a terminally ill canine who survived Hurricane Sandy, was adopted by a San Diego family.

Rio found a loving forever family! 

When news of Rio’s condition went public, her story quickly gained media attention resulting in an overwhelming number of adoption applications from as far away as Washington D.C., Alabama, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Utah, and Arizona.  Due to Rio’s delicate condition and Center veterinarians concern of undue stress from travel, only California applications could be given serious consideration but, even with the restriction, Helen Woodward Animal Center adoptions staff had quite a large and heartfelt variety to choose from.

Hurricane Sandy Dog - Adopt a dog | Helen Woodward Animal CenterWith the assistance of Center pet trainer Rob Kuty, Center veterinarian Dr. Stephanie Oba and Center Adoptions Service Manager Amelia Petersen, the applications were narrowed down to five “perfect matches.”  The five applicants then underwent an even more thorough screening process to make sure the potential adopters were comfortable with the upcoming health needs and life-style conditions Rio would require.  Finally, a meet-and-greet was arranged to acquaint Rio with applicants and their own fuzzy family members to make sure that the personalities were a match.

It really means so much to us to provide a loving home to Rio for the rest of her days…

Now, one very special family has been selected to take Rio home for good.  A local family, with extensive dog experience, and their canine rescue named Liberty are looking forward to welcoming Rio into their La Mesa home.  Explaining why she and her parents were certain that they could provide a good home for Rio, Heather Bardin shared, “Both of my parents are home during the day so Rio will always be in good hands.  My dog, Liberty, would love having a dog friend at home too.  It really means so much to us to provide a loving home to Rio for the rest of her days.”

Shea, Rio's temporary foster, says goodbye to her four-legged friend.

Shea, Rio’s temporary foster, says goodbye to her four-legged friend.

“I’m thrilled for Rio,” stated adoptions staff member and temporary foster Shea Durfey.  “I love her so much and she has been such a sweet addition to my family.  I’m really going to miss her but I want her to have a comfortable place to stay all day with a family that loves her.  We found the perfect one.  As much as my heart breaks to see her go, it’s full of joy for her too.”

The Bordin Family flanked by SavOn/Albertson's team members Shaye Holden and Bryan Woods.

The Bordin Family flanked by SavOn/Albertson’s team members Shaye Holden and Bryan Woods.

Last week it was announced that the Del Mar Albertsons/Sav-On Pharmacy had offered to cover the costs of Rio’s medication expenses for the big-hearted family willing to take Rio into their home.   Now Blue Buffalo, a dog and cat food company with philanthropic efforts towards pet cancer research has jumped in to provide a life-supply of food for Rio to the adopting family.  Representatives from both companies will attend the adoption event on Monday to present the Bardin family with gifts and support.

Thank you to all the people who read and shared Rio’s story in emails and on social media. Her story went across the country! It’s because of fans and supporters like you that Helen Woodward Animal Center can continue this important life-saving work!

Goodbye, Rio, we love you and will miss you greatly!

Superstorm Sandy Pet Needs Rescue

Read Rio’s Heartbreaking Story

In its over 40 year history, Helen Woodward Animal Center has seen its share of heartwarming adoptions and heart-stopping rescues, but its current quest to find a home for one of the last of its last Hurricane Sandy survivors may be one of its most heartbreaking.  Rio, a beautiful black Labrador Retriever blend was one of 49 orphan pets who made national news when they were flown across the country to Helen Woodward Animal Center on November 17, 2012.  The East Coast shelter dogs and cats had been waiting for forever homes when Hurricane Sandy hit and left their facilities uninhabitable.  Upon arrival, Rio’s prospects looked rosy.   The beautiful canine with a forever family in her sights had all the media attention an orphan pet could hope for to help her land one.  Tragically, Rio’s medical exam revealed a challenge of nature even bigger than the devastating Super Storm.  Rio was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.  Now, with only months to live, finding her final forever home may be her biggest challenge of all.

A Dog Who is Playful at Heart

Superstorm Sandy Pet Needs Rescue“Rio is an incredibly affectionate dog with the people she gets to know and love,” states Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Pet Trainer Rob Kuty.  “But she needs a very special home due to her condition.” At 5 years old and 55 lbs., Rio has the heart and spirit of a young canine who longs to run and play.  Unfortunately, the growing cancerous masses in her lungs and near her heart base, compromise her lung function leaving her winded and near collapse with too much exercise or excitement.  Additionally, the condition is too dangerous to allow her a spay surgery, so Rio’s new family must be aware that she has not received this procedure.

Rio is exceptionally sweet with other dogs and cats…

“Animals know when they’re sick, but they can’t process what is actually happening to them,” says Kuty.  “Because of this, she is timid when she meets new people, can get stressed at times and likes the security of her crate.  She is exceptionally sweet with other dogs and cats but it’s important that she stays fairly calm, so mellow pet friends are best.”  Rio would do best in a low-key household with 1 or 2 adults and a fenced-in yard.  She is not able to go hiking or jogging, but would love short, slow walks around the neighborhood.

Of course there is more than just the emotional cost of taking on a sick pet.  There are the practical costs, as well.  When Helen Woodward Animal Center Veterinarian Dr. Stephanie Oba suspected Rio’s diagnosis, the Center spent thousands of dollars for further extensive testing to confirm the facts and to find out if anything more could be done to lengthen her life.  When the results proved terminal, the Center invested even more in finding the very best treatment available to preserve Rio’s quality of life for the time remaining.  Rio is currently taking Furosemide twice a day and Heartgard twice a month, along with Activyl monthly for fleas and ticks.   For many animal-lovers, the expense of taking on an ailing pet, even for a short time, is a deterrent.   It is quite possible that Rio may have been surrendered by a family who knew of her health problems and made the decision to abandon her when they considered the upcoming costs of treating her.

Albertson’s/SavOn Will Help Rio and Her Family

But Rio has a few angels watching out for her.  Upon hearing Rio’s story, Del Mar Albertsons/Sav-On Pharmacy Store Director Shaye Holden  took quick action to get involved.  Helen Woodward Animal Center President and CEO Mike Arms received a call from Holden with an offer to cover the costs of Rio’s medication expenses for any foster family willing to take Rio into their home.   “We’re hoping this gesture will motivate someone in the community to welcome Rio into their family” stated Holden.  “Like everyone else, we’re animal lovers too and know that pet care costs can be challenging, even for those with the biggest of hearts.”

We’re hoping this gesture will motivate someone in the community to welcome Rio into their family…

Arms had been meeting with members of the national chain to develop a partnership with Albertson’s/SavOn’s Pet Med Program when Rio’s story came to light.   “I recently became aware of their discount pharmaceutical club membership for pets,” commented Arms.  “It’s an exceptional program and it’s going to be an incredible benefit to the orphan pets at the Center and to those who adopt one of our dogs or cats.   What I wasn’t aware of was how truly the people at Albertson’s care about the lives of each individual pet.  Their offer to help Rio goes beyond anything I would have expected.   It really illustrates how much animals mean to them and how seriously they take their responsibility to serve their pet-loving customers.”

Helen Woodward Animal Center will be providing an Albertson’s/SavOn Pet Med Club card to every adopter, as of September 1, 2013.  In addition, Arms will encourage other rescue facilities to do the same for their adopters when he addresses attendees at the Center’s upcoming ACES International Conference.   It is hoped that by getting a discount pet medical card into the hands of those who adopt, families will be less likely to give up ailing pets like Rio, leaving them homeless and alone when they are the most in need of love and security.


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