Kitten Adoption Update: Thor and Yankee

Helen Woodward Animal Center Adoption Update from a Mighty Cute Kitten

Two "Helen Woodward" Adopted Alumni: Yankee and Thor

Two “Helen Woodward” Adopted Alumni: Yankee and Thor

We guarantee this adoption update will put a smile on your face – we can’t stop smiling after we read it, too! This is the story of an adopted kitten, Thor, and his new family. His new big brother, Yankee, was sad after his last kitty companion passed away, but he’s taken his new role quite seriously… and playfully!

Kitten Adoption Update - Thor

Thor on his favorite napping blanket.

Thor on his favorite napping blanket.

Dear Helen Woodward Animal Center,

We recently adopted a kitten, ‘Jerry’ from you whom we have renamed Thor. We wanted to send you an update with some pictures and videos of how he is adjusting to life in our home. He is doing great and our other cat Yankee, whom we adopted last year from Helen Woodward Animal Center as well, has welcomed him with love. Two days after we brought Thor home they were already playing and cuddling together. It was better than we could have ever imagined. (We thought we would have to keep them separated with a door for at least a week or two.) They are inseparable now and it warms our hearts. We not only wanted to adopt another cat because we love them but also wanted to get a playmate for Yankee since he was lonely and bored after we lost our other cat Sadie to cancer.

Kitten Adoption Update - Thor

Thor is not only playful with Yankee but loves to cuddle and we have nicknamed him our “Purr Monster.” He is so loving and everyone that meets him falls in love with him. We cannot wait to see more of his personality and to see him grow into a wonderful cat the way Yankee has. Thanks again and we will be sure to send more pictures and videos as he grows.

Kind regards,

Annie and Jordan

We’re so grateful that both adopted kitties, Yankee and Thor, are getting along so lovingly!

If you want to send an adoption update, we would love to read it! You can email updates to us or snail mail them to: Helen Woodward Animal Center, P.O. Box 64, Rancho Santa Fe, California, 92067.


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