Five Helpful Email Newsletters About Fundraising

Email Newsletters That Focus on Fundraising, Grant Writing and More

Credit: Flickr user Wilson Alfonso

Credit: Flickr user Wilson Alfonso

The ACES International Conference may be months away, but that doesn’t mean we take time off of our research! The ACES Conference staff at Helen Woodward Animal Center is always on the look-out for articles and resources to help our ACES Conference community increase pet adoptions and decrease euthanasia.

We recently asked our Development team what email newsletters they depend on for up-to-date news and trends on fundraising and grant writing. Here are their top five picks!

Top Five Grant Writing, Fundraising Email Newsletters

Chronicle of Philanthropy

While a lot of Chronicle of Philanthropy’s website contains “premium content,” which one has to pay for, their free email newsletter has daily fundraising and philanthropy news headlines and ideas from around the country.

Foundation Center 

Foundation Center has several different email newsletters from which you can choose from: general philanthropy news, fundraising jobs, and/or request for proposal alerts.

Philanthropy News Digest: Award-winning weekly digest

RFP Bulletin: Weekly roundup of recently announced Requests for Proposals (RFPs) from private, corporate, and government funding sources

Job Bulletin: Weekly summary of recent job postings in Philanthropy News Digest

Connections: Bi-weekly philanthropy-related contest.

Full day of fundraising tips and guides at the ACES International Conference

Network For Good

A free weekly email with fundraising tips, webinars and educational opportunity announcements, and news, especially for the “fundraiser beginner.” They also have links to various fundraising and marketing blogs that have their own email newsletters, too. Some webinars may be organized by product companies, so just be sure to do your research before committing to a service or product.

Nonprofit Hub 

A weekly email newsletter with general tips and fundraising ideas.

Association of Fundraising Professionals 

This is the official association for fundraising professionals, and their site has a lot of good resources, especially on ethics. One must pay to subscribe to their email newsletter.

We hope you can use these resources to help you increase your fundraising opportunities! For more resources, you can check out our FULL DAY OF FUNDRAISING sessions at the ACES International Conference.


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