Puppies Run in the Kentucky Derby

Derby Returns to Helen Woodward Animal Center

Horsing Around Encouraged at “Run with the Noses” Derby

2013 Ken-Barky Derby

Crazy hats. Oodles of dog cookies. Playful puppy mayhem. It’s that time again for Helen Woodward Animal Center’s quintessential Spring event: the Ken-Barky Derby!

Last year, twenty available “gelding” and “filly” orphan puppies (bearing the names of contending Derby Horses) went nose-to-nose at our 1st Annual Ken-Barky Derby Event.  The adorable spectacle, which lured pups from “the starting gates” to the finish line with rose-shaped dog biscuits, ultimately aimed to end each “race” in the arms of a loving family by showing off unique and playful puppy personalities.

Adoptable pup, Jeremy, is looking forward to the Ken-Barky Derby!

Adoptable pup, Jeremy, is looking forward to the Ken-Barky Derby!

This Friday, May 3, the Ken-Barky Derby returns to the Center Paddocks Arena at 11 a.m. Post Time.  The public is invited to don their finest spectator hats and root for their favorite at this “Run with the Noses” Competition.  Each adopter of a Ken-Barky Derby Puppy will be automatically entered to win a Ken-Barky Derby, rose-themed gift basket and a “gold cup” dog bowl.

Helen Woodward Animal Center President Mike Arms explained his affection for this Center event.  “An enormous group of people wait all year for the Run for the Roses Event.  They’ve followed the horses, connected with them and fallen in love with them,” he commented.  “The staff members here fall in love with our orphan pets every day.  An event like this lets our potential adopters get to know and connect with them too. When you see the puppies racing for cookies and playing together, their individual personalities shine through.  It’s also just a lot of fun.”

See last year’s Ken-Barky Derby Winner

Last year, Center staff was delighted to see some attendees in home-made pet-themed spectator hats.  “One lady had dog treats hanging from her brim,” said staff member, Shannon Bush.  “She easily became the most popular spectator in the arena.  The puppies followed her everywhere!”

We wish all of our contenders luck and the start of a great new life with a loving forever family.  See our “Run with the Noses” competitors on Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Facebook page and share your favorite with your friends.


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