Animals Predict NCAA Final Four Champion

Helen Woodward Animal Center Animals Predict NCAA March Madness Winner

Got money on the NCAA Final Four? You may want to see Helen Woodward Animal Center’s animals’ pick before you bet your money!

At Helen Woodward Animal Center, we believe that animals have intelligence, kindness and beauty beyond compare…  We’re starting to think they may have a bit of sports knowledge, too.

Which team did our animals predict would win the Final Four?

Today’s predictions for the winning team brought out our PET (Pet Encounter Therapy) guinea pigs Gemma and Spud and African Grey Parrot Tasha; our Critter Camp Education Tortoises Helmet and Scooter; and Helen Woodward Animal Center Adoptables – feline Iris and canine Keeper.  Logos bearing the “Final Fur” teams – Wichita State Shockers, Louisville Cardinals, Michigan Wolverines and Syracuse Orange – were all given equal opportunity as treats, races, cat toys and agility courses provided our beloved critters a chance to weigh in with their favorites.  Without fail, each feathered, scaled and furry participant selected the Louisville Cardinals as the final victor!

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