Cat Adoption Updates

Two Special Adoption Updates

We cherish each pet that comes through our doors, but there are those few pets whose stories we remember; pets who succeed to find loving, forever families despite the incredible odds stacked against them. Two such pets, Sasha and Harley, come from very different backgrounds, but both have come so far to find happiness.

Harley – Superstorm Sandy Survivor

Harley_In Cattery

Harley relaxing in the Cattery with one of his favorite volunteers

Harley was one of 23 cats who escaped the devastation of Superstorm Sandy on Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Sandy Pets Flight. With the help of Southwest Airlines, SeaWorld Rescue and BP Oil, Harley was taken out of his flooded animal shelter back east and flown to San Diego to make room for the pets displaced by the storm. Due to the trauma that Harley had experienced, he was a shy cat and needed a special family who would be patient and understanding of his needs.

On February 11, Harley’s dream family found him in our Cattery and took him home. A couple weeks later, we were overjoyed to hear an update on Harley from his new adopted mom.

Harley in his new adopted home!

Harley in his new adopted home!

I’m so glad we were able to bring him into our home and give him the love he deserves.

Hi Helen Woodward Animal Center!

It’s been almost two weeks now since Harley has been at his forever home and what progress he has made! He is still timid and shy and jumps at unfamiliar noises but he comes out quite frequently now and enjoys playing and being petted.

However, Harley always runs out whenever he hears the treat bag shake or his food bowl being filled. He purrs when you scratch his head and even enjoys chasing our 50 lb. Labrador Retriever! He has been the perfect addition to our family. I’m so glad we were able to bring him into our home and give him the love he deserves after all he has been through.

Thank you Helen Woodward Animal Center!

The Bruce Family

Sasha – Abandoned Senior Kitty

Abandoned Senior Cat - Sasha (4)You may have heard about this recent story from Helen Woodward Animal Center. At approximately 6 a.m., on the morning of February 22, an individual slipped inside the doors of the Helen Woodward Animal Center administrative offices and placed a blue cat carrier in the lobby.  There was no note, no information about the tiny gray cat that sat terrified, inside.  Despite her fear, the kitty greeted Center staffers with sweet nuzzles and purrs.  She was domesticated and extremely loving towards humans – clearly someone’s former pet.

Read Sasha’s complete story here

After many medical tests, it was determined that Sasha had a number of medical issues, but there was no way to address her issues due to an enlarged heart. The strain on Sasha’s heart meant that putting her under anesthesia for any medical procedure would likely end her life.

Despite the medical issues, Sasha showed no symptoms and was very engaged and loving! Her story was shown on San Diego news stations and within only hours of her story airing, we began receiving calls from families who wanted to meet Sasha.

The very first day Sasha began looking for her forever family, she was adopted! And a few days later, her new forever mom posted an update on our Facebook page:

Hi Helen Woodward! Just wanted to let you know that Sasha is settling in nicely and loves to sleep in bed with us. She is still trying to make friends with our other cat, Maggie, and they are slowly warming up to each other. She is a love bug and we want to thank you so much for bringing her into our lives!

Abandoned Senior Cat - Sasha (3)

We are overjoyed to receive updates from these two adopting families. It is our honor to not only help these pets, but enhance the lives of families who want to bring joy and love into their lives by adopting. Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives! If you want to adopt a new furry friend, visit our website to see all our available dogs, cats, kittens and puppies.

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