Senior Cat Abandoned at Helen Woodward Animal Center

Abandoned Senior Feline Proves There’s Still Life in Her Years 

Abandoned Senior Cat - Sasha (3)

Sasha snuggles with a staff member at Helen Woodward Animal Center

**Update: On Wednesday, March 20, a day after Sasha’s story was released, a lovely forever family came and adopted Sasha! We are so excited for her!

The golden years of our lives are meant to be spent surrounded by the love of the family who knew us in our youth.  Families often bring their aging loved ones closer – moving them in to live out their remaining days, embraced and protected.  Unfortunately, not all pet owners extend this same sort of consideration to their furry family members.  A loving, little, senior cat, recently abandoned at Helen Woodward Animal Center, revealed the darker side of pet ownership – lack of interest in providing care when it is most needed.

Sasha the first day she was abandoned. She was scared, at first, but quickly warmed to her new friends.

This was Sasha on the first day she was abandoned. She was scared at first, but quickly warmed to her new friends.

At approximately 6 a.m., on the morning of February 22, an individual slipped inside the doors of the Helen Woodward Animal Center administrative offices and placed a blue cat carrier in the lobby.  There was no note, no information about the tiny gray cat that sat terrified, inside.  Despite her fear, the kitty greeted Center staffers with sweet nuzzles and purrs.  She was domesticated and extremely loving towards humans – clearly someone’s former pet.  Upon medical inspection, the cat was discovered to be approximately 12 years old – a senior kitty that, normally, would have quite a few remaining years ahead.  We named her Sasha.

Abandoned Senior Cat - Sasha (4)

Unfortunately, the tests revealed some sad facts, as well.  X-rays showed an enlarged heart and further inspection revealed a heart murmur present.  Sasha was also showing signs of chronic kidney disease, dental disease and probable lymphoma.  The prospects of improving her health conditions were limited.  The strain on Sasha’s heart meant that putting her under anesthesia for any medical procedure would likely end her life.   There was little to do but provide her a good diet and loving care for her remaining months.

Abandoned Senior Cat - Sasha (6)

As is the beautiful nature of animals, Sasha does not pity herself.  Despite her health conditions, she is not in pain, is on no medication and has no obvious symptoms.  Instead, she continues to demonstrate the loving nature she has perfected in her years of domesticated life.  She affectionately loves to head-butt her way into the hearts of everyone around her, nuzzling and purring in hopes of winning someone’s heart for good.

[Sasha] affectionately loves to head-butt her way into the hearts of everyone around her.

Abandoned Senior Cat - Sasha (5)“Stressing the value of our pets is a primary adoption topic at Helen Woodward Animal Center,” stated Jessica Gercke, the Center’s PR Manager.  “These dogs and cats will give their owners unlimited devotion for 12 – 20 years.  They view us as their family and they ask for nothing in return except love and the basic essentials.   Hopefully we wouldn’t abandon a human family member as they aged and became sick.   Why would anyone do this to a furry family member?”

Sasha is currently available for adoption and does not require medication or special care, aside from a health focused diet.  She has tons of love to give and deserves a family to devote herself to in the months or possible years she has remaining.  For more information on Sasha, or to adopt Sasha, please contact the Adoptions Department at: 858-756-4117, ext. 1, or or email us.

Also,we are currently seeking the identification of the person who abandoned Sasha to prevent this individual from adopting another pet.   If you have information, you are asked to contact Vice President of Operations Rita Truderung at (858) 756-4117, ext. 303.


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