Foster Volunteers Saving Lives

Neglected Dog and Puppies Recovering in Foster Family Home

Dixie, an abandoned dog

Earlier this month, Helen Woodward Animal Center accepted a neglected dog into our foster care program. This neglected dog’s story was particularly heart-wrenching because she was rescued from a cruelty case where her owners kept her chained outside their home, to live a meager life out in the mud and rain… and she was very, very pregnant!

See Dixie’s first story post

Dixie's babies - in foster care at Helen Woodward Animal CenterWe’re delighted to share an update on Dixie and her two puppies, direct from Dixie’s foster family:

Dixie is a wonderful dog, who loves people. When she first came to our family, she stayed in her crate with her puppies. It only took a day, and then she ventured out to say hello.

Now that she has been with us, she is very comfortable, and moves all around the house and yard. She is a good mom and makes sure she is with her puppies as they cry for her.

Dixie Exploring the Yard

At our house she lets me know when it’s time for her to outside, and we have had no “accidents!” She got her first bath the other day, and although I don’t think she particularly enjoyed it, she sure loved all the rubbing down after.

Dillon, one of Dixie's puppies

The puppies are growing by leaps and bounds; we call them our little manatees. Yesterday, the boy opened he’s eyes for the first time, and we think the girl will do the same by tomorrow. They are staring to spend some time awake now.

Dinah and Dillon, Dixie's puppies

Taking a break on Mom!

The boy is trying to walk, and we know it won’t be long until they will be running around the house.

Dixie loves to be around people, but she also plays by herself in the backyard. She loves to run… and she is fast! Once she has had all her shots, we want to take her on some hikes and runs in the area. 

Today was my daughter’s 16th birthday, and we all got up at 5:30 a.m. to serve her breakfast in bed, a tradition in our house. Dixie joined us, too! She was quite interested in the chocolate croissants, but we gave her a doggie treat instead!

Dixie in bed with her "foster sister!"

Dixie in bed with her “foster sister!”

We were able to rescue Dixie because a foster family volunteer stepped forward to give her the care she and her puppies needed. Your family can help, too! Check out our Foster FAQ page to learn how.


4 responses to “Foster Volunteers Saving Lives

  1. I am grateful for your service to this dog and her pups. So happy that her life will never be the same.

  2. I so love these wonderful updates! HWAC you are just AWESOME!! Too the family who is showing this wonderful Dixie and her pups, what true love is, THANK YOU!!!!

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