Hurricane Sandy Dog – Our Little “Miracle”

Every day, Miracle Works Hard to be the Best Dog Possible

Hurricane Sandy dog - Terrier | Helen Woodward Animal CenterOn November 17, 2012, Miracle arrived at Helen Woodward Animal Center along with the rest of the Sandy pets from the Sandy Pets flight. She flew from Newark, New Jersey, to San Diego, California, aboard a chartered Southwest Airlines flight. Miracle’s animal center on the east coast was overrun with the displaced pets due to the storm — so she was chosen to fly across the country to find her forever family on the west coast. Watch the Sandy Pets flight land in San Diego.

Due to everything Miracle has been through, she struggles with medical and behavioral obstacles.

Hurricane Sandy dog - Terrier | Helen Woodward Animal CenterEven though Miracle is a young dog, she struggles with multiple health obstacles including poor dental health, a persistent cough, an intestinal parasite, as well as a badly damaged tail in need of removal.  Unfortunately, some pets who are in a kennel for a long period of time will bang their tail against the cage so often that they actually break the tailbone.  Clearly, life has been difficult for poor Miracle.

Any donation made to the Hurricane Sandy pets, and other pets in need of help, up to $8,000, before January 31, will be automatically doubled.

Miracle is working with Erica, a trainer at San Diego Pet Training, to learn basic commands.

Miracle is working with Erica and Rob, of San Diego Pet Training, to learn basic commands.

In addition to these significant medical issues, Miracle is troubled by her contact with other dogs and often becomes aggressive in her interactions.  She has had limited exposure to other dogs, so her behavior is oftentimes unpredictable.  Helen Woodward Animal Center’s trainer, Rob Kuty of San Diego Pet Training, is confident that with enough positive interactions and social opportunities he can have a positive impact on Miracle’s behavior and help her learn to interact appropriately with other dogs. She is attentive and eager to learn, and in the next several weeks will be working on not just her interactions, but also walking on the leash, learning to “sit” and “come”, and generally learning to have fun again after her ordeal so she can soon enjoy playing ball in the big back yard of a forever home.

Hurricane Sandy dog - Terrier | Helen Woodward Animal CenterWe have been given a unique opportunity; a donor has stepped forward and agreed to match any Hurricane Sandy Pet donation dollar for dollar, up to $8,000, to help them, and other pets in need, overcome their medical obstacles. Will you take advantage of this opportunity to provide medical and behavioral care for these deserving pets?

Double your impact for pets – $1 turns into $2, $10 turns into $20, $100 to $200.


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