Hurricane Sandy Cat – Tommy, the Survivor

Hurricane Sandy Cat Continues to Overcome Obstacles

Hurricane Sandy Cat | Helen Woodward Animal Center On November 17, 2012, Tommy arrived at Helen Woodward Animal Center along with the rest of the Sandy pets from the Sandy Pets flight. He flew from Newark, New Jersey, to San Diego, California, aboard a chartered Southwest Airlines flight. Tommy’s animal center on the east coast was horribly flooded and space was needed for all the displaced pets due to the storm — so he was chosen to fly across the country to find his forever family on the west coast. Watch the Sandy Pets flight land in San Diego.

Despite the fact that Tommy was rescued, he continues to face some medical struggles.

Hurricane Sandy Cat | Helen Woodward Animal CenterTommy is estimated to be about 11-years-old that, in addition to needing dental work, was diagnosed with diabetes soon after arriving at the Center. Staff veterinarian, Dr. Oba, began immediately working to regulate his insulin levels, a process of several weeks to determine the correct dosage for him. His progress was further complicated when he came down with an upper respiratory infection that made it more difficult for the insulin to work.

Any donation made to the Hurricane Sandy pets and other pets in need of help, up to $8,000, before January 31, will be automatically doubled.

Hurricane Sandy Cat | Helen Woodward Animal Center

Tommy is charming, engaged with people and extremely friendly.

Tommy has recovered from his cold, but still doesn’t have his blood sugar quite under control yet. Dr. Oba assures us that it just takes time, and while he will need dental work done before he goes up for adoption, and daily shots for the rest of his life, Tommy will soon have his health under control and be ready to become someone’s loving companion. Ever since his arrival, and after all the time we have spent with him, we know this big guy has lots of love to give. He loves being petted and interacting with people, and must be dreaming of the day when he can enjoy the company of a loving family outside the confines of his kennel.

Hurricane Sandy Cat | Helen Woodward Animal CenterWe have been given a unique opportunity; a donor has stepped forward and agreed to match any Hurricane Sandy pet donation dollar for dollar, up to $8,000, to help them, and other pets in need, overcome their medical obstacles. Will you take advantage of this opportunity to provide medical and behavioral care for these deserving pets?

Double your impact for pets – $1 turns into $2, $10 turns into $20, $100 to $200.


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