Adopted Dog Leaves Warm Spot on Family’s Heart

Lucky Dog? How about Lucky People!

In early December, we logged onto the Helen Woodward Animal Center Facebook page and were delighted to see a post by one of our newer adopting families. We are so grateful for stories like these! This is what we live to do! Read Reilly’s story…

Corsage, now Reilly, was a staff favorite at Helen Woodward Animal Center.

Corsage, now Reilly, was a staff favorite at Helen Woodward Animal Center.

“On November 21, I opened your website to look at the Hurricane Sandy pets. There, I saw a dog named ‘Corsage,’ who eyes just seemed to say, “Come and get me.”

Our beloved Daisy died in May, 2011, at age 15.  When I saw him on your website, I felt like she was telling me (emphatically), ‘This pup belongs with you! Go get him.’

He is perfection himself!

So we did. Here we are, two weeks later, with our pup (re-named Reilly), and he is PERFECTION himself. He came to us housebroken, trained to not jump on furniture, to not beg at the table. He does not have an aggressive bone in his body, does not attack cats, other dogs or our grandkids.

Adopt a dog - Reilly's Story | Helen Woodward Animal Center

Reilly playing ball with a Center staff member.

He has been a blessing.  As I said, he is well-mannered. We have taken him many places with us and he is loved everywhere.  (Who couldn’t love a dog with that face and those ears?)

We have learned, however, that when we are away, he gets on our sofa.  Little does he know we have certain abilities to observe “imprints” and warm spots.  But never mind.  The warm spots on the sofa are nothing compared to the warm spot he has found in both of our hearts.

We are so happy to have Reilly here in his ‘forever home.’

Reilly with his new family!

Reilly with his new family!

But ‘lucky dog?! Maybe we should say ‘lucky people!’ We feel so VERY lucky to have this little guy in our lives.


Bob and Joan”

If you want to share your story, feel free to post it on Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Facebook page!


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