AniMeals Ensures Holiday Meals for San Diego Seniors’ Pets

AniMeals Feeding San Diego “Beloved” Pets

AniMeals is a community program of Helen Woodward Animal Center that feeds the pets of homebound seniors. Recently, Helen Woodward Animal Center’s AniMeals pantry has been a very busy place! Thanks to the hard work of generous individuals and San Diego businesses, the AniMeals pantry and its volunteers have been hard-at-work packaging up hundreds of meals for the pets of San Diego homebound seniors.

AniMeals - Help a Senior | Helen Woodward Animal CenterOne volunteer set up an AniMeals bin and ran his own food donation drive (with permission, of course), outside a local Vons store. He even tweeted everyone’s generosity and support!

San Diego businesses like Callaway Golf and Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals also held drives and provided hundreds of meals to AniMeals pets.

Callaway Golf had the most organized food drive we have ever received.  Everything was sorted and arranged in clearly labeled boxes.  We immediately put their food to use and since we invited them to put Callaway stickers on their cans, recipients will know who generously donated those products.

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals educated their employees on the AniMeals program who then generously donated just over 160 pounds of food.  Cat food, dog food, canned, dry, treats, AND Ziploc bags!  They met all the needs of the AniMeals program!

You can help support AniMeals, too! Click here to learn how.


A big THANK YOU to our hard-working volunteers and businesses who support AniMeals!

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