Thankful For Our Pets

“We Will Be Okay” – A Testimonial of Gratefulness

Adopted cats, Samson and Shoshana, are part of Allan’s family.

Have you ever had a rough time in your life where your pet (or pets) provided comfort in a seemingly “insane world?” Have you ever had a hard day you thought you could never shake loose until you walked through the door and saw your pets happy to see you?

Tell us why you are thankful for your pets and be featured in our Thankful Newsletter next month!

Allan, a Helen Woodward Animal Center alumni adopter, knows just how you feel. Allan took time out of his busy day and wrote us an email about why he is thankful for his cat, Sampson. Thank you, Allan! (It made us cry and smile… so beautiful!)

My name is Allan and I adopted “Samson” from you on August 15, 2004.  He has been a “lap cat” since Day 1!  He always greets people as they walk in the door and jumps in their lap when they sit down.  At night, he can usually be found sleeping on my pillow or under the covers when it gets cold.

Samson as a kitten, when he was first adopted by Allan.

When I did a “corporate relocation” to Tennessee from March, 2009, to March, 2010, Samson traveled with me (along with my Scottish Fold named “Smoosh”) and helped me to keep my sanity when I was a couple of thousand miles away from my family.  When Smoosh (as well as my father) both passed in July 2011, he began following me around and sleeping next to me on the bed as if to say “we will be okay.”

A few months later, I adopted another rescue cat (I named her “Shoshana”) and they have become very good friends.

My most favorite picture of him is the one where I bent over to check on my Scottish Fold cat (after a recent surgery) and he jumped on my back as if to say “Pay attention to me!!!”

Thank you for what you do for the animals!  I look forward to adopting a future “companion” from you. –Allan

If you are thankful for your pet or pets, we want to share your story! Email us your story to be featured in our Thankful Newsletter next month.


2 responses to “Thankful For Our Pets

  1. The day Ginger saved us. My husband and I had June, our funny and loyal lab/boxer/something else mix. When he died 2 years ago from cancer June was at the funeral sitting proud and tall staring at his picture and stoic during the military honors. Then June and I went home. Alone. A few days later our local animal rescue called and asked if we could care for Ginger who they think was thrown out of a vehicle, had knee surgery and needed a quiet place to recuperate. We’d fostered dogs many times but this wasn’t a good time for me. I was reeling with grief and June was patiently by my side feeling every emotion I felt. But something told me Ginger was in pain as well so I agreed to help her for a few weeks. As a foster human my job is to socialize, heal and train so the dogs can find a perfect furever home. I’d never felt the need to keep one, as June was the queen of our castle. Ginger arrived, a skinny chocolate lab with a busted knee and need for someone to love her. It just happened. Somewhere from above I truly feel my husband was telling me that Ginger needed to stay and June and I needed her to stay. Two years later Ginger is a ‘sort of overweight’, soul eyed, couch potato. She is part of my new normal. My new family. She has encouraged June and I to get out of the house, out of our grief. To borrow a line from Pretty Woman……..I rescued Ginger and she rescued me right back….

    • Hi Sue, thank you so much for sharing your story. Staff and volunteers know exactly how that saying feels. I am very sad to hear about your loss of your husband, but happy to hear of how your new family is helping you create a new life. All our best from us at Helen Woodward Animal Center. Sincerely, Marcie

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