Fall Activity for Kids – Autumn Harvest Tours at Helen Woodward Animal Center

Fall Activities for Kids at Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Autumn Harvest Tours

Slinky snakes! Creepy Crawlies! Miniature Horses in Costume! (Wait… what?!)

It’s time again for Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Autumn Harvest Tours! Your child’s school or scout group is invited to come learn about the more “spooky” but misunderstood animals:

  • Why do snakes shed their skin?
  • What does a spider’s exoskeleton look like?
  • How do Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches hiss?
  • What is the different is between a legless lizard and a snake?

This Halloween Tour is perfect for Daisy and Brownie Girl Scout Troops, Cub and Boy Scout Troops, Preschools, and Elementary School Groups.

Every group receives a ninety minute Halloween Tour that includes: a special meet-and-greet with “spooky” animals, a haunted walk through the Haunted Ranch House, and a mini Halloween pumpkin to take home.

Tours are by appointment only! You can inquiry about tour prices or reserve your child’s group today by calling 858-756-4117, ext. 318. Or you can email us your reservation request!


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