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Burned Kitten Warms the Hearts of Helen Woodward Animal Center Staff

Kitten Named “Phoenix” Rises from the Ashes

UPDATE! Friday, October 5, 10:55 a.m.: From our Medical team, “Phoenix is proudly sporting bright orange Halloween bandages today, and is feisty and active.  He is eating – and, playing with – his breakfast, and appears to have more energy today.  The paws will take a while to heal, but medical tells us the antibiotics seem to be working – no sign of infection this morning.  And vocal – that little guy has a good pair of lungs, but it is a happy and playful meow!”

Helen Woodward Animal Center workers are continually amazed by the unwavering goodness of the animal friends they meet each day.  One very tiny kitten, severely burned by caustic chemicals, is the Center’s latest glowing example of enduring trust in mankind.

Abandoned at a Los Angeles shelter last Monday and transferred to Helen Woodward Animal Center by a rescue partner on Wednesday, the three-month old tabby shouldn’t have survived, much less purr.  With his front feet swollen, cracked and bleeding; tail, ears and nose red, raw and covered in a burning acrid chemical, any kitten should have been understandably terrified and wary.  Instead, in response to the compassionate care of Center workers, the delicate feline has been treating staff members to gentle nuzzles and soft purrs.  In fact, despite his amputated tail, struggle to walk and newly heavy-laden front-feet bandages, he even attempts to lovingly knead on the arms and chests of his new-found friends.  In honor of his sweetly inspiring resilience and warmth, the Center staff has named him Phoenix.

Phoenix was also burned on his nose and ears.

“We can’t be certain whether the chemicals were purposely poured on the body of this kitten, or not,” stated Helen Woodward Veterinarian Dr. Stephanie Oba.  “Unfortunately, we do know that the acid burns were from a man-made product and it’s incredibly upsetting to see the harm it has done to such an innocent creature.  I’m glad to say that he will survive it, but he has quite a bit of healing to do.”

Phoenix is thriving under doctor’s care and will be closely monitored!

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