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Helen Woodward “Zodiac Pups” Born Under a Lucky Star

Litter of Twelve Puppies Survives Hoarding Nightmare

Helen Woodward Animal Center staff have seen their fair share of “ruff” cases, but the latest litter of pups to arrive at the Center survived a scenario few can imagine.  Bred for sale at a local swap meet and forced to endure dirty, disease-ridden and miserable conditions, the puppies were part of a dangerous canine population explosion unwittingly let loose by an animal hoarder.  The twelve young puppies who survived the experience seemed to have been born under a “lucky star” and Helen Woodward Animal Center staff has named them the Zodiac puppies (one after each of the twelve astrological signs).

Found 70 miles east of Los Angeles on the edge of the Mojave Desert, the Zodiac puppies had been left to fend for themselves with over 60 malnourished and un-socialized canines.  Each week the puppies were subjected to a cardboard box, serving as a “for sale bin,” at a nearby swap meet.  Unaltered, with no records, vaccinations or medical care, the unsold puppies were brought back to the property at the end of each day to fight for food with the large pack of nearly wild dogs.

Several weeks ago, with permission from the owner, an independent rescuer and partner to Helen Woodward Animal Center had the courage to enter the property which had turned quite vicious with untended dogs.  This rescuer was able to convince the owner to seek personal help and to agree to alter and seek rescue facilities for her many dogs.  Helen Woodward Animal Center is the recipient of the 12 lucky Border Collie blend puppies, that otherwise would probably have not survived the conditions.

(9/25/2012) Update!! Nine out of the twelve puppies have found their forever families, but more are waiting! Meet Gemini, Aries and Aquarius today at our website.

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