What It Takes to Achieve Success – Mike Arms | Helen Woodward Animal Center

Success in Animal Welfare from Mike Arms

Applying business principles can enhance the lives of pets

Everywhere I go people ask me what it takes to be successful, truly successful, in animal welfare. The questions I hear most are: ‘How can I increase my adoptions?’ ‘How can I stop euthanizing animals?’ ‘How can raise revenue to do more?’

I love this industry. It’s been my whole life. Anybody that knows me knows that I have dedicated most of my life to this. For over 40 years I’ve devoted my life to enhancing the quality of life for animals.

But often, I feel frustrated with the way rescues and organizations are run. I see some being run like “Mom and Pop Candy Stores” with staff and volunteers not taking the industry as seriously as they should. This is a business, folks, we are in the business of saving lives. We need to use our heads, as well as our hearts, to make sound decisions to help pets.

The only way we’re going to do that is if we put great, not good, but great business practices into saving lives. This whole industry really needs to change.

Hear me speak about changing animal welfare at Talk About It! San Antonio’s event on September 20

I know for a fact that, throughout this industry, we have so many people with great hearts, and I know we have so many people sacrificing to enhance the quality of life for animals. In many of these facilities, the people are overworked and underpaid. There is not another industry out there that is as physical, emotional and stressful as ours.

How do you think in terms of business? Ask yourself these questions: How can we better market our pets? How can we get more footsteps into our facilities so these beautiful pets can be seen? How can we best match them with families who want a new pet in their lives? That’s business-thinking folks, and that’s what we have to do more of.

I will be sharing these principles at an event by Talk About It! San Antonio, on Thursday, September 20, in San Antonio, Texas. I would love to connect with you at this event if you are in the area.

Find out more information about the event and R.S.V.P. at Talk About It! San Antonio’s Eventbrite page.

I will show you how we’ve been hurt in this industry for the past hundred years, and what we need to do to change. You know I’m with you all the way. If you want to save lives, let me help you. And let us all work together so we can be successful in these goals: stop euthanasia and increase life.

2 responses to “What It Takes to Achieve Success – Mike Arms | Helen Woodward Animal Center

  1. Hi Mr. Arms,
    I attended your seminar in San Antonio last night and just wanted to say it was amazing! I really love the message you are sending out there and the creativity you use to save lives. It always seems like such an obvious and easy fix to make in how we think about advertising, and hopefully San Antonio will be able to implement your ideas in the future. I am currently a student and looking at opening my own shelter in the future…the path I take to do that (as a veterinarian or through business) is really dependent on my acceptance and completion of vet school, but regardless, I will be opening one eventually. Are there any tips that you can give me about the best ways to approach this or what I can be doing now to prepare? Thanks so much for any advice and I really enjoyed your seminar!
    Taylor Luster

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