Summer Critter Camp Wrap-Up

Summer Critter Camp Wrap-Up

Team Scooter at Summer Critter Camp!

We have come to the end of another amazing Summer Critter Camp at Helen Woodward Animal Center, full of unforgettable experiences that our campers, junior volunteers, and staff will never forget. We’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that made this summer camp better than any other.

Here are a few highlights of memorable experiences from Summer Critter Camp that we hope will put a smile on your face, as they did ours…

Our weekly Critter Camp Talent Show was a high-point for not only campers, but also staff and parents.  On any given Friday, each class of campers surprised us with: original songs, depictions of Native American animal fables, a percussive “human rainstorm” that the audience enjoyed with eyes closed, a recreation of the Summer Olympics with torch and sporting equipment made from recycled items, a French-subtitled ‘film noir’ parody, a Caribbean pirate battle (with water balloon cannon fire), human puppetry, camper-sized recreation of the Angry Birds video game, mathematical representation of why we should spay and neuter our pets, and original plays written by and starring  an entire class.

An amazing theatrical production by our campers

The ‘We Love Our Pets’ Rap

Older campers created a panel of judges which delighted the younger grades with awards such as, “The Hyena Award:  for Funniest Performance” and the “Giraffe Award:  for Longest Performance.” The shows seemed better each week, and return campers were excited to be able to participate in more than one production.

The Olympian spirits of our Education animals were high throughout Critter Camp, and with a few extra trainers (campers) they were able to succeed and take home the gold on many occasions this summer. We’d like to thank our camper trainers for all our “athletes’” accomplishments: Oreo’s no-fault round in Sheep Jumping, Scooter’s surprising defeat over Helmet in the Tortoise Races on the Sulcata Speedway, Halo’s tremendous technique in Lunging, and Gunner’s flawless high jump, barely beating his competitors by a paw. Stay tuned… we have high expectations for our animal athletes next year!

As each child ends a week of camp, we hope to have instilled a lifelong compassion for animals within them. To have a camper return years later as a High School junior volunteer is reassurance that we have succeeded in that goal. Emilie did just that. Her love for animals and children are endless. We thank her, along with all the other junior volunteers, who collectively committed 7,917 hours of their summer to teaching our youth about a lifelong service to animals.

Thank you campers, families, volunteers, and staff for these experiences that made Summer Critter Camp so memorable. We hope you have a great school year! See you next year for Summer Critter Camp 2013!

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