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Pet Calendar Shows Off Adopted Pets

Does your pet rock your world? Prove it!

Only a couple weeks left to show off your rockin’ pet in Helen Woodward Animal Center’s ‘My Pet Rocks’ Calendar Contest. Capture the personality of your four-legged best friend in a picture and words and you could win a full page in our 2013 calendar devoted solely to your pet!

How Does It Work?

1.  Grab your favorite photo of your best friend.

2. Enter it your pet in the contest. Every entry helps orphan pets in need find forever families.

3. Tell your friends and family to vote for your rockin’ pet! The five top-voted pets will get a full-page photo in the calendar. The top-voted pet will be crowned “Pet of the Year,” and will be featured in our Companion Newsletter, our website, plus star on our HOPE Telethon. See rules and guidelines.

But don’t fret – each and every beloved pet’s photo will be in the 2013 ‘My Pet Rocks’ Calendar…  Because they all rock! Here are some stories from entries this year. Super heartwarming!


Adam’s family writes, “Why is anyone’s pet special? Because they aren’t really a pet. They’re a friend, more than friend actually; a family member. I love Adam with all my heart, and it pains me to even think about losing him.

He’s so relaxed and sweet, and can bring me out of any gloom. He gives me comfort and accepts me for me, and it’s amazing that a species different from my own can connect with me on such a level. I can only hope he knows that I love him more than the world.”


Bella’s family writes, “She makes me smile every day. She is funny, beautiful, and just the sweetest dog around. I always tell her she is so lucky to have people who love her so much, but honestly, I am the luckiest person in the world because I have her in my life.”

So what are you waiting for? Tell us why your pet is special to you and why they ‘totally rock!’


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