Summer Critter Camp Tortoise Race – Ready, Set, Plod! | Helen Woodward Animal Center

Summer Critter Camp Tortoise Race at Helen Woodward Animal Center

Get ready, get set… PLOD!

Get Ready, Get Set… PLOD!

Last week, our Summer Critter Camp featured something San Diego kids may not see every day: a tortoise race! Our participants for the day were Helmet and Scooter. Helmet and Scooter are Sulcata Tortoises. That species of tortoise is the third largest behind Galapagos and Aldabra tortoises.  They are the largest continental species given they come from Africa and the other two come from islands.

Helmet and Scooter are brothers. When they were born they could fit in the palm of your hand! They have grown quite a bit since then! Their estimated date of hatching is August, 1991.

It was a fabulous day at the races for Summer Critter Camp! Helmet and Scooter were off to a rip, snortin’ start!  Helmet quickly pulled ahead while Scooter stalled out in the first quarter, sadly never to finish this race. (He was way too busy checking out his surroundings). Helmet finished the race with a scorching 2 minute, 25 second time!


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