Adoption Updates – Adopt a Dog | Helen Woodward Animal Center

Adoption Updates from Helen Woodward Animal Center Adopting Alumni

Two Adoption Updates from Dog Adopters

This week, we have two adorable adoption updates from families who have adopted dogs from Helen Woodward Animal Center. We love getting updates and photos from pets and families!

Our first adoption update comes from Bandit’s mom, Laura. It looks like they are both going to experience a great new volunteer opportunity together!

“Thanks for the opportunity to update you on Bandit, whom I adopted from Helen Woodward in 2005, when he was eight-months-old. Since that time we have had many adventures together, but our favorite activity by far is our daily walk in the park. We have made some wonderful friends, both canine and human, through our daily walks. Bandit is loved by everyone he meets because of his great personality.

Also, I recently became a Volunteer Park Ranger and will be taking Bandit on patrol with me.

Thank you for my wonderful four-legged buddy! He is truly my best friend. — Laura”

We are excited to hear that you both will be sharing the love of outdoors together, Laura. Thank you so much for updating us on Bandit!

Our second adoption update is rather humorous. We all give our pets silly names, but this is a pretty good one! Meet Brutus Beefcake Bronfman and the Bronfman Family!

“Brutus Beefcake Bronfman, aka Gabriel, is nearly 9-months-old. He is growing into quite a dog. He’s a good boy, we love him very much. He loves his daily walks to the Grape Street Dog Park.

We adopted Brutus right after Thanksgiving, 2011. We love him very much. 

P.S. He’s also the most adorable pup in California! (He insists on wearing two collars)”

A big thanks both families for updating us on both adopted loved-ones! If you want to send us an update, feel free to email us any time. We would love to hear from you!


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