Comic Con and Convention Pictures – Game of Thrones | Helen Woodward Animal Center

Pets Play at Game of Thrones – Game of Bones at PAWMICON

“A King-Cavalier-Pup Always Pays His Debts… in Dog Cookies”

Comic-Con is in full swing in San Diego, and PAW-MICON is in full swing at Helen Woodward Animal Center! The second wave of PAW-MICON fans have filtered through with their costumes and, admittedly, hilarious pet puns. Take, for instance, our Game of Bones parody with Andy (lovingly owned by a Helen Woodward Animal Center staff member) and Dinah (adopted the very same hour this photo was taken!). They posed as the fierce Stark family from the HBO hit series, Game of Thrones, in what we call the Game of Bones!

“Winter’s Coming.” And it’s a good thing because these two like to snuggle!

We want to see YOUR super hero or super cool pet, too! If you tweet and use the hashtag #PAWMICON you may get a Retweet and have your super epic pet on our blog tomorrow! Or you can post your super awesome pet on our Facebook page! Come on, super pet parents, show off why your pet is your superhero!


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