Comic Con and Convention Pictures – Pets at Comic Con | Helen Woodward Animal Center

Comic Con Convention and Comic Con Pictures of Pets

Comic Con – Shmomic Con! Rescued dogs and cats stage their own PAW-MICON

Butterscotch posing as “The Paw-nisher!”

Last year Helen Woodward Animal Center pets wanted to get in on the action during the Occupy Movement. This time orphaned dogs and cats are holding their own Comic Con Convention: PAW-MICON! Their reasoning for the Comic Con copy? They are looking for superhero families to come to their rescue!

Comic book and geekdom enthusiasts wait all year for this weekend’s Comic-Con Convention – an annual four-day festival held at the San Diego Convention Center. Some fanatics, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite action-adventure stars, even pay tribute by dressing up in full superhero regalia. Similarly, the adoptables at Helen Woodward Animal Center wait a lifetime to meet their superheroes – individuals with one mission… to rescue an orphaned pet.

Foxy chose her out outfit! Lookin’ foxy, Foxy!

And boy, did they have a good time. How many comic book or movie characters can we make pet-puns out of?

Look out for Lynda and her ‘Cat-tain America’ costume!

“They went all out,” said Jessica Gercke, PR Manager and spokesperson for Helen Woodward Animal Center. “I saw one puppy dressed up as The Paw-nisher and a cat dressed up as Cat-ain America.  Someone told me that Lex Luth-purr was around here with Woof-erine.  I guess they figure, if over 130,000 people will line up for the excitement of seeing a few comic-book characters, these guys can certainly exceed that excitement with untold years of fun and adventure.”

Center adoptables were up on fan-favorite action-adventure shows too!   Hot off the latest movies and HBO hits, Helen Woodward adoptables could be seen milling the convention grounds dressed in costumes inspired by Game of Bones, Barking Dawn: Part 2 and The Paw-bbit.

We want to see your super-duper pets, too! Tweet your pets in costume or just tell us reasons why they are SUPER! Make sure to tag with #PAWMICON!

So why all this work? It isn’t just for fun, folks. All efforts are made with one sole purpose – to draw the attention of potential adopters inspired to perform a superhero action of their own and provide a lucky pet with a forever home.

Be a hero today. Adopt a pet. They will thank you with supernatural and unconditional love as long as they live.

PAW-MICON tickles the anchors on NBC San Diego! They liked our puns!


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