Adoption Update: Momo

Adopted dog update: Momo

Momo’s family says, “That’s Momo, cooling off in the Iowa River.”

Helen Woodward Animal Center staff and volunteers love getting updates! They always bring smiles (and sometimes tears of joy) to our faces. Two weeks ago we received an email from a family who adopted twelve years ago. Wow! We were so honored they thought of us after all this time. This is a sunny adoption update from a dog named Momo:

Dear Helen Woodward Animal Center,

I wanted to let you know that Momo, who was named Polar by Helen Woodward Animal Center, is doing well. 

I adopted Momo (half chow, half lab) from you twelve years ago. He currently lives in Iowa and loves the snow.

When Momo moved from San Diego to Iowa he experienced thunderstorms for the first time.  He took off into the stormy dusk and several frantic hours later, I retrieved him from the police station. Thankfully, that’s been Momo’s only run in with the law!

My mother stumbled down the stairs one day which brought Momo running to her. While she sat recovering on the step, he put his head in her lap; a gentle gesture which comforted her.

Momo running through the fields of Iowa.

Momo is a beautiful, gentle, wonderful dog who has been a joy in my life. He is slowing down a little but looks forward to many more good times.


Thank you, Tania, for thinking of sending an update on Momo. Your letter proves that adopted pets will always remain our forever friends.


2 responses to “Adoption Update: Momo

  1. This is a very special story about a special dog whose name in Japanese means “peach.” He has a wonderful owner who always protects the planet, and together they have remarkable healing qualities, bringing joy to all they encounter. When I met Momo 12 years ago, doctors did not know how long I had to live from cancer, and I am still here today — Momo was a big part of that and his Helen Woodward rescue pal – “Le Chien,” also 12, sends warm ruffs to Iowa from Rancho Santa Fe!

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