Adoptable Kittens at Kitten Happy Hour

Adoptable Kittens featured in Kitten Happy Hour at Helen Woodward Animal Center

It’s back! Cute kittens delivered to your Email Inbox every weekday

Are you having a rough day? Maybe you need a little break? Then you have come to the right place! We’re sending smiles to kitten-lovers around the country with our seasonal Kitten Happy Hour emails!

Like regular Happy Hour, this email will be sent to your Inbox every Monday through Thursday(with a weekly wrap-up Pinterest email every Friday) just in time for Happy Hour. (Because really, what is happier than cute kittens?!) This email is perfect to perk you up after a long day at the office, plus it doesn’t cost a single dime! So, relax a little and get ready to smile for Kitten Happy Hour.

Want to sign up? Just click here and you will be added to our Kitten Happy Hour Club.

Enjoy some pictures from last year’s Kitten Happy Hour, too!

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