Therapeutic Riding – Helping Special Needs Kids and Adults

San Diego Therapeutic Horses Sculpted by Volunteer Artist

Mark Edwards donates sculpture to help Therapeutic Riding at Helen Woodward Animal Center

Our Therapeutic Riding program horses were recently honored by sculptor, Mark Edwards, as they were part of the inspiration behind his newest piece of artwork. As beautiful as our horses are, they were not the only muses behind Mark’s sculpture. Mark volunteers with our Therapeutic Riding program, which helps special needs adults and children, and has seen how a relationship with a horse can enhance the quality of life for a human.

Mark spent weeks on his newest piece and documented each step with a video! We invite you to learn how Mark sculpted his piece, called ‘Soulmates,’ and how the Therapeutic Riding program works at Helen Woodward Animal Center. A special thank you to Mark for donating his piece for auction at our annual Spring Fling gala – proceeds from his sculpture will go directly back to helping special needs adults and children in our Therapeutic Riding program. Tickets are still available!

Part One – Starting ‘Soulmates’

Part Two – How does Therapeutic Riding help special needs adults and children?

Part Three – The Finished Product


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